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23rd ICID Congress & 68th IEC Meeting, Mexico, 2017
23rd ICID Congress, Opening Ceremony

The 23rd ICID Congress and 68th IEC Meeting was inaugurated on 9 October 2017 by the Mexican President H.E. Enrique Peña Nieto in the presence of Mexico City Mayor H.E. Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa; Mr. Roberto Ramirez de la Parra, Director General, CONAGUA; Mr. Guang Zhe Chen Sr. Director, World Bank; Dr. Olcay Unver, Dy. Director, Land & Water Division, FAO; Mr. Tony Slatyer, Special Adviser, Australia; President Dr. Saeed Nairizi; and Secretary General Avinash C. Tyagi. [More...]

[ Newsletters: 9, 10 and 11 October ]
[ Mexico City Statement ]

68th IEC Highlights: (1) Newly Elected Office Bearers: President - Eng. Felix Reinders, South Africa; Vice Presidents - Er. Naoki Hayashida (Japan), Dr. Brian T. Wahlin (USA), Dr. K. Yella Reddy (India);

A Road Map to ICID Vision 2030

ICID Office Bearers/ Consultative Group (CG) members released a publication titled ‘A Road Map to ICID Vision 2030: A Water Secure World Free of Poverty and Hunger’ during the Plenary Session of the 68th IEC Meeting on 10 October 2017 in Mexico City.


RIO+20 provided the desired push in the political process by articulating ‘The Future We Want’ that lead to the globally acceptable SDGs adopted by the UNs General Assembly in September 2015. For providing support to National Committees (NCs) and irrigation professionals in fulfilling these expectations, ICID started a systematic review of its objectives, goals and activities and established a Consultative Group (CG) in 2014.


The Group undertook intensive discussions and sought inputs through questionnaires from NCs and Working Group experts formulated the strategy and deliberated in the meetings of various work bodies. The outcomes of these efforts are covered into a Road Map to Vision 2030.. [More...]



Release of ICID Vision 2030


Newly Elected Office Bearers (2017-2020)


Vice President Dr. Hayashida
Vice President Dr. Brain Wahlin
Vice President Dr. Reddy


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23rd ICID Congress  2017

23rd International Congress on Irrigation and Drainage - Abstract Volume

The publications includes extended Abstracts received for Question 60 and 61,and General Reports, etc. Full length papers will be made available on USB to the participants during the event. . [More...]


Drought and Water Scarcity, 2017

The publication on ‘Irrigated Agriculture Development under Droughts and Water Scarcity’, is an attempt to learn lessons from long traditions of living with water scarcity... [ More...]


WIF2 Report
Report of the 2nd World Irrigation Forum, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2016

The Forum Report contains a brief outcome of the various sessions, sub-themes, side events, Ministerial meetings, roundtables, etc. .

. [More...]
Annual Report 2011-12

Annual Report 2016-17

Provides a comprehensive overview of ICID activities over the past year and includes information on Commission's budget.



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69th IEC Meeting and International Conference, 12–17 August, 2018, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, < Brochure >

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