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2-4 May 2018, Kathmandu, Nepal

The 8th Asian Regional Conference (ARC) was held from 02-04 May 2018 at Kathmandu, Nepal on the theme “Irrigation in Support of an Evergreen Revolution”. The conference was hosted by the Nepal National Committee of ICID (NENCID) jointly with the Department of Irrigation (DoI), Government of Nepal and other partners. More than 700 participants had attended the meeting.


The 8th ARC was inaugurated by Hon'ble President of Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal Bidya Devi Bhandari in the presence of Hon'ble Minister of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation Barsha Man Pun "Ananta", Former Minister of Water Resources Hon'ble Dipak Gyawali, President ICID Felix Reinders, Director General of Irrigation Department Saroj Pandit, Secretary General Ashwin B. Pandya, and other distinguished invited guests. A total 105 papers were included in the Abstract volume, which was presented in 7 Plenary Sessions and 15 Technical Sessions.

Presentations - Day 1 (2.5.2018)

1 The Cultural Theory of social solidarities and their technological choices by Dipak Gyawali
2 Sharing the Experiences in Modernization Irrigation Systems in Korea by Korea Rural Community Corporation  
3 Dealing with variations in access to water: An assessment of challenges and coping strategies in Far-western Nepal by Ram Bastakoti, Emma Karki and Bhesh Raj Thapa
4 Modernization of Irrigation Systems by Bart Schultz
5 Paradigm shift in hill irrigation systems, a case study of Dolakha district, Nepal by Krishna Prasad Rijal
6 Symposium on “Modernization of Irrigation Systems” by Ian W Makin
7 Irrigation in Nepal: Learning from the Past-Looking for the Future by Saroj Pandit
8 ICID VISION 2030: A water secure world free of poverty and hunger
9 Water in Agriculture by Dr. Ahmad Shawky
10 Building Capacity of Smallholder Farmers for Enhanced Adoption of Drip Irrigation: Lessons from Karnataka, India by Priyanie Amerasinghe and Alok Sikka
11 Symposium on “Modernization of Irrigation Systems” by Arnaud Cauchois
12 Empowering Small Growers by Gravity Micro Irrigation by Abhay Barhate 
13 Improving water use for dry season agriculture by marginal and tenant farmers in the Eastern Gangetic Plain by Erik Schmidt, Fraser Sugden, Ram Bastakoti, Michael Scobie 
14 Water and Irrigation: In Support of an Evergreen Revolution by Felix Reinders
15 Gender Differences in water security and capabilities in Far-West Nepal by Gitta Shrestha, Floriane Clement
16 JainDripkit - Gravity Drip System for small farmers by Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd.
17 Rethinking Irrigation Modernization in a changing context by Puspa Raj Khanal
18 Potential of using Solar Energy for Irrigation in Hilly Region of Nepal by Manoj Pantha
19 Application of the ground water irrigation system using solar power generation as a Water-Energy-Food-Nexus model project by Bongkyun, Kim
20 Opportunities and Challenges faced by emerging renewable energy-based lift-irrigation systems: A Case Study of Hydro-powered Irrigation Pumps by Pratap Thapa, Sujan Dulal
21 Solar Powered Irrigation Pumps as a Clean Energy Solution for Nepal Terai by Nabina Lamichhane
22 Harnessing the hydropower boom: Improving irrigation infrastructure for farmer managed irrigation systems by Rashmi Kiran Shrestha, and Arica Crootof
23 Rural Water Systems for Smallholder Farmers in the Hills of Nepal – An Unrecognized Irrigation Service by Raj K. GC

Presentations - Day 2 (3.5.2018)

1 IrrigatioQn Efficiency in South Australia - The South Australian River Murray Sustainability Program by Daniel Casement
2 River health assessment for sustainable water resource management in Western Nepal by Dr. Ram Devi Tachamo Shah, Prof. Subodh Sharma, and Dr. Luna Bharati
3 Nepal Fish Biodiversity Project, Kathmandu, Nepal by Dibesh Karmachary
4 Participatory Irrigation Development and Management Procedures and Empirical Processes under the Small Land Holding Condition (Special Condition to Indonesian Practices) By Hafied A. Gany
5 Utilization of subsurface dams for agricultural water supply in S. Korea by Myoung, Wooho
6 Operation Performance of a Modernized Irrigation System: A Case Study of Sitagunj Irrigation System (S9) in Sunsari Morang Irrigation Project, Nepal by Sanjeev Kumar Mishra, and Randhir Kumar Sah
7 Nexus Challenges in Irrigation Institutions by A. Hafied A. Gany
8 A Foresight for Flood Risk Management in Pakistan by Qazi Tallat M. Siddiqui
9 Comments by Dr. M. Satoh, University of Tsukuba, Japan
10 The Hydropower Irrigation Nexus Challenges by Prachanda Pradhan, and Devesh Belbase
11 Navigating future uncertainties and risks: Social and institutional perspectives by Alan Nicol
12 Managing Future Climatic Risks for Sustainable Irrigation by Alok Sikka and Mohammad Faiz Alam
13 Water-saving rice production: A heretic‘s point of view by Mathias Becker
14 Improved Water Management in Kankai Irrigation System by Er. Birendra Kumar Yadav, and Er. Sanjeev Kumar Mishra
15 Climate Change in the Hindu Kush Himalaya - Implications for Irrigation by David Molden
16 Ecosystems Based Adaptation Building Climate Resilience of Watersheds in Mountain Eco-Regions by Luna Bharati
17 Development of Reservoir Operation Model using Reinforcement Learning by Maga Kim, and Jin-Young Choi
18 Building Resilience to Changing Climate: ClimaAdapt Project Experiences by Dr K Yella Reddy
19 Japanese Model of Participatory Irrigation Management and Its Implications by Dr. Masayoshi SATOH
20 Coping with recurring droughts and Floods in the context of climate change in Sri Lanka by Eng. T Janaki Meegastenna
21 Will 21st Century Water Users’ Associations Do Better than in the 20th Century? New Approaches Needed to Support Farmer-Led Collective Management of Irrigation by Douglas J. Merrey
22 Comparative Assessment of Various Water Application Methods for Improving Water Productivity during Dry Season Agriculture by Bhesh Raj Thapa, Michael Scobie, Rabindra Karki, Manita Raut, Ram C. Bastakoti, Emma Karki, Erik Schmidt
23 Assessment of meteorological drought using different approaches in the Karnali River Basin, Nepal by Kabi Raj Khatiwada, and Vishnu Prasad Pandey
24 Irrigation Master Plan for Nepal through Integrated River Basin Planning by Trevor Beaumont  
25 Climate change scenarios and its implication on water resources and agriculture in Nepal by Santosh Nepal, Nilhari Neupane and Saurav Pradhananga

Presentations - Day 3 (4.5.2018)

1 Assessment of Spatio-Temporal Variation in Water Resources Availability in Karnali-Mohana River Basin, Nepal by Vishnu Pd. Pandey, Sanita Dhaubanjar, Luna Bharati
2 Nepal – Challenges of Sediment Removal on Sunsari Morang Irrigation Project by Brian Bromwich, and Ian C. Tod
3 Spatio-temporal disintegration of different droughts in Nepal by Manisha Maharjan, Anil Aryal, Rocky Talchabhadel, and BHESH RAJ THAPA4
4 Sustaining spring sources through evidence-based interventions to augment irrigation in Nepal middle hills by Sanita Dhaubanjar, Karthikeyan Matheswaran, Vishnu Pandey, Ambika Khadka, Sudhir Kumar, and Luna Bharati
5 Projected future climate for Western Nepal by Sanita Dhaubanjar, Vishnu Prasad Pandey, Luna Bharati
6 Sustainable, Just and Productive Water Resources Development in Western Nepal Under Current and Future Conditions by Digo Jal Bikas
7 Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project (BBDMP) by Jim Clark
8 Prioritising land and water interventions for climate smart villages (CSVs) by Mohammad Faiz Alam and Alok Sikka
9 Variations of Dissolved and Total Phosphorus Concentrations in Irrigation, Flooding, and Drainage Water of Paddy Fields by Kwang Sik Yoon
10 A Success Story of Irrigation Management Transfer Program in Nepal - A Case study of Kankai Water User’s Association, Kankai Irrigation System, Jhapa, Nepal by Chetman Budthapa, and Dr. Prachand Pradhan
11 Gendered need for irrigation development in changing climate context by Pranita Bhushan Udas
12 Impacts of Dairy Farming Systems on Water Quantity and Quality in Brazil, Ethiopia, Nepal, New Zealand and USA by Birendra KC, Ian McIndoe, Helen Rutter, Andrew Dark, Bart Schultz, Krishna Prasad, Suman Sijapati and Krishna Paudel
13 A Study of Quality Control on Time Series of Water Level in Agricultural Reservoir by Jehong Bang, Jin-Yong Choi, and Maga Kim
14 Reorganizing Water User Association from flood irrigation system to Modernization of Irrigation System: A Case study of Rani, Jamara and Kulariya Irrigation System of Nepal by Susheel C Acharya, and Dr. Prachanda Pradhan
15 Bheri Babai Diversion Multipurpose Project by BBDMP Project Management Department




— Technical Report of ASRWG released during the 8th Asian Regional Conference

— 8th ARC - Abstract Volume

8th ARC - Glimpses




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