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Agenda_2015The Central Office in consultation with the Office Bearers and Chairs of respective workbodies prepares agenda and the proceedings of all meetings of the Council. An agenda for the annual meetings comprises annotated agenda notes for the International Executive Council (IEC) meeting; Work body Meetings under Permanent Committee on Strategy and Organization (PCSO), under Permanent Committee for Technical Activities (PCTA); and Permanent Finance Committee (PFC). Agenda is prepared well in advance of the meeting and posted on the Commission’s website for information of all concerned.






AGENDA FOR THE 66th IEC MEETING — With supplementary Agenda
11- 16 October 2015, Montpellier, France




Timing of Agenda: The agenda for a meeting of the Council shall be sent by the Central Office, by airmail, to the National Committees and Office-Bearers, at least one month before the date of the meeting. The agenda, which shall also indicate the exact date and venue of the meeting in the host country, shall be approved by the Secretary-General.


Content of Agenda: The agenda shall include the following:


(a) Report of the Secretary-General on the activities of the Commission since the preceding report and more particularly about the activities not covered by the Annual Report for the preceding year, published for the period ending December 31 of the previous year.


(b) Consideration of the application for admission of new countries to membership.

(c) Financial statements for the preceding year, duly audited, and the proposed budget for the current year.

(d) Consideration of the reports submitted by work bodies since the last Council meeting.

(e) Agenda notes for the annual meeting of the Committees to be considered by the IEC.

(f) Technical, administrative or constitutional matters proposed, for consideration by the Council, by the National Committees, the Central Office, Office-bearers, or any outside agency(ies).

(g) Invitations received for venues of future Council meetings and congresses.

(h) Election of Office-Bearers.

(i) Report and recommendations of the Management Board.



P C T A — (Updated)
P C S O(Updated)
EB-JOUR (K) (Updated)

C-CONGR (Updated)

WG-IDM (S)— (Updated)
WG-CAFM (B) — (Updated)
WG-CLIMATE (B) (Updated)

ASRWG (Updated)

C-PR&P (K)
WG-ENV (B) (Updated)

AFRWG — (Updated)

Ordre du jour de la 26ème Réunion du GTRAF

WG-WATS (S) — (Updated)
WG-YPF (Updated)
WG-SDTA (B) (Updated)
WG-M&R (S) — (Updated)
ERWG (Updated)
WG-ON-FARM (O) (Updated)
WG-PQW (O)— (Updated)
WG-IOA (S)— (Updated)
WG-SDG (S)— (Updated)
WG-DROUGHT (B) (Updated)
WG-Water & CROP (O) — (Updated)
TF-VE (K) (Updated)
PFC — (Updated)

66th IEC Agenda full version for

download [3.42 MB] (Updated)



Themes : Knowledge (K); Basin (B); Schemes (S); On-Farm (O)



Reducing Carbon Footprints


In an effort to contribute to the global efforts towards reduction in green house gases and to save trees, we seek your cooperation to reduce paper consumption at the IEC meetings. We request you to; please download the annotated Agenda for various meetings from the provided hyperlinks and use the electronic copy of the Agenda during the meetings.





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