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The Central Office in consultation with the Office Bearers and Chairs of respective workbodies prepares agenda and the proceedings of all meetings of the Council. An agenda for the annual meetings comprises annotated agenda notes for the International Executive Council (IEC) meeting; Work body Meetings under Permanent Committee on Strategy and Organization (PCSO), under Permanent Committee for Technical Activities (PCTA); and Permanent Finance Committee (PFC).


Agenda is prepared well in advance of the meeting and posted on the Commission’s website for information of all concerned.

Reducing Carbon Footprints


In an effort to contribute to the global efforts towards reduction in green house gases and to save trees, we seek your cooperation to reduce paper consumption at the IEC meetings. We request you to; please download the annotated Agenda for various meetings from the provided hyperlinks and use the electronic copy of the Agenda during the meetings.


Agenda: 69th International Executive Council Meeting [ including Supplementary Agenda Notes ]

12–17 August, 2018, Saskatoon, Canada


International Executive Council (IEC)

Conseil Exécutif International (CEI) de la CIID (Version Française)

Permanent Finance Committee (PFC)

Permanent Committee on Strategy and Organization (PCSO)

African Regional Working Group (AFRWG)

– Version Française Groupe de Travail Regional Africain (GTRaF)

American Regional Working Group (AMRWG)
Asian Regional Working Group ( ASRWG)
Committee on Congresses / Conferences (CONGR)
European Regional Working Group ( ERWG)
Working Group on Irrigation and Drainage in the States under Socio-Economic Transformation ( WG-IDSST)
ICID Young Professional’s e-Forum (IYPeF)
International Research Program for Irrigation and Drainage (IRPID)
Permanent Committee for Technical Activities (PCTA)
Working Group on Water for Bio-Fuel and Food (WG- BIO-FUEL)
Working Group on Global Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management (WG-CLIMATE)
Working Group on Environment ( WG-ENV)
Working Group on Managing Water Scarcity under Conflict Demands (WG-MWSCD)
Working Group on Sustainable Development of Tidal Areas (WG-SDTA)
Newly Proposed Working Group on Integrated Flood Management (WG- AFM)
Working Group on Capacity Development, Training and Education (WG-CDTE)
Working Group on History of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control (WG-HIST)
ICID Journal Editorial Board (EB-JOUR)
Task Force for Updating and Maintenance of Multilingual Technical Dictionary (TF-MTD)
Task Force to Guide ICID Inputs to 8th World Water Forum (TF-WWF8)

Task Force on Value Engineering (TF-VE)

Working Group on Sustainable On-Farm Irrigation System Development (WG-SON-FARM)
Working Group on Water and Crops (WG-WATER & CROP)

Working Group on Use of Non-Conventional Water Resources for Irrigation (WG-NCWRI)

Working Group on Irrigation Development and Management (WG-IDM)
Working Group on Institutional Aspects of Irrigation/ Drainage System Management (WG-IOA)
Working Group on Modernization and Revitalization of Irrigation Schemes (WG-M&R)
Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDRG)

Working Group on Water Saving in Irrigated Areas (WG-WATS)





pdf_icon69th IEC Agenda, Saskatoon, Canada 2018 and (Française) – Conseil Exécutif International (CEI) de la CIID

pdf_icon68th IEC Agenda, Mexico City, Mexico, 2017 and (Française) – Conseil Exécutif International (CEI) de la CIID

pdf_icon67th IEC Agenda, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2016 [2.06 MB] and (Française) ––Conseil Exécutif International (CEI) de la CIID

pdf_icon66th IEC Agenda, Montpellier, France, 2015 [3.42 MB] and Ordre du Jour — CEI, Annexe 4B French

pdf_icon65th IEC Meeting, Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 2014 and Ordre du Jour [Version française] French

pdf_icon64th IEC Meeting, Mardin, Turkey, 2013

pdf_icon63rd IEC Meeting, Adelaide, Australia, 2012 

pdf_icon62nd IEC Meeting, Tehran, Iran, 2011 

pdf_icon61st IEC Meeting, Yogyakarta, Indonesia, 2010 

pdf_icon60th IEC Meeting, New Delhi, India, 2009 

pdf_icon59th IEC Meeting, Lahore, Pakistan, 2008 

pdf_icon58th IEC Meeting, Sacramento, USA, 2007 

pdf_icon57th IEC Meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2006

pdf_icon56th IEC Meeting, Beijing, China, 2005 

pdf_icon55th IEC Meeting, Moscow, Russia, 2004

pdf_icon54th IEC Meeting, Montpellier, France, 2003 


Version française - Ordre du Jour

pdf_icon64e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, Mardin, Turquie, 201[CEICPSOCPAT ]

pdf_icon63e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, Adélaïde, Australie, 2012 [ CEICPSO, CPAT]

pdf_icon62e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, Téhéran, Iran, 2011 

pdf_icon61e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, Yogyakarta, Indonésie, 2010 

pdf_icon60e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, New Delhi, India, 2009 

pdf_icon59e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, Lahore, Pakistan, 2008 

pdf_icon55e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, Moscou, Russie, 2004

pdf_icon54e Conseil Exécutif International de la CIID, Montpellier, France, 2003 




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