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SonTek/YSI, founded in 1992 and advancing environmental science in over 100 countries, manufactures affordable, reliable acoustic Doppler instrumentation for water velocity measurement in oceans, rivers, lakes, harbors, estuaries, and laboratories. SonTek/YSI is headquartered in San Diego, California, and is part of YSI Inc., an employee owned company that provides monitoring and data collection instrumentation to global water quality, water quantity, and aquaculture markets.

SonTek solutions improve the measurement of water movement and associated parameters in coastal and inland areas by:


(1) simplifying operations to reduce time and labor costs,
(2) employing advanced technologies that provide consistent and continuous high-quality results, and
(3) enhancing capabilities to enable data collection in areas previously thought immeasurable.


Whatever the application, customer service remains the highest priority at SonTek. A professional support staff with broad expertise in oceanography/ocean engineering, fluid dynamics, hydrology, and civil engineering is unsurpassed in the industry. As worldwide demand grows for more effective and efficient measurement of water velocity, SonTek will play a big role in shaping the future of this industry.


More information on SonTek acoustic Doppler velocity profiling systems and software can be found atwww.sontek.com. Or call the San Diego Center of Excellence at +1 858.546.8327.


Freytech Inc.

Freytech Inc. of Miami, Florida, is proud to introduce its latest line of 100 % solar powered 1) water purification & desalination systems, 2) water pumping stations for irrigation, and 3) electric power generators.  Systems are completely turnkey, are welded onto trailers for true mobility, easy deployment & start up requiring only occasional and exceptionally simple maintenance. Pull any of our multiple models straight out of the shipping container, hitch onto any 1/2 ton pick-up truck and tow to any location worldwide to put into full operation in a matter of minutes. Units are shipped ready to pump and purify contaminated water straight out of deep wells / bore holes, lakes, rivers and salty oceans without requiring any additional parts or construction / assembly crews. Purified drinking water flow rates range from 150 to more than 61,000 Gallons per Day (567 - 231,667 Liters per Day)  using either contaminated sweet, brackish or sea water. World Health Organization (WHO) figures call for 5 gallons of potable water per day per person. Freytech can provide one single turnkey unit to supply precious, clean drinking water to more than 12,000 people per day, every day, year after year. Meets EPA and WHO drinking water standards.

Freytech solar powered pumping stations are ideal for agricultural use. These systems permit farmers to irrigate their crops without the need for diesel powered generators. The associated cost savings are considerable and maintenance requirements are significantly reduced.

 Freytech solar powered electric generators also provide dependable electric current without having to rely on diesel generators.

 No other company in the world offers such high flow rates nor such a wide solar product selection delivered and priced in such practical, efficient and affordable platforms. Rugged, military spec. dependable and manufactured entirely in the USA to withstand long term, harsh weather conditions as well as demanding "developing world social environments".

 Freytech Inc. "Water Treatment for the World". More detailed information available athttp://www.freytech.com. English, Spanish and German spoken.

28 Jul 10/ 6months

Herder BV

Contact :
 Mr. Peter, HERDER B.V., Herculesweg 6, 4338 PL, Middelburg. Phone : +31 118-679500, Fax : +31 118-638730, E-mail: pn.meijers@herder.nl, Website : http://www.herder.nl

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(www.geosynthetic.com) was formed in 1991 by Dr. Ian D. Peggs as an international geosynthetic materials performance consulting company. As a materials scientist/engineer Dr. Peggs' special interests include construction quality assurance (CQA), weld testing, nondestructive testing, liner leak location, failure analysis, and expert witness work. Leak location and failure analyses identify where CQA should be emphasized. His general philosophy is to identify new technologies, develop them for geosynthetics, provide them as a service, then to teach others how to use them. At present he is investigating infrared thermography to nondestructively assess the bond strength and presence of flaws in geomembrane seams.


WWW.GEOSYNTHETICA.NET is a free-accessone-stop technical, educational, and promotional resource for the geosynthetics industry, supported by the industry. It presents titles and abstracts of geosynthetic publications, special technical documents, CQA plans, standards, industry news, an industry directory, and much more. On behalf of its underwriters, geosynthetica.net organizes geosynthetic presentations at user industry (dams, highways) conferences and interfaces with the insurance industry to improve the standards of geosynthetic projects.


WWW.GEOSINDEX.COM, an interactive geosynthetic product specifications directory, is rapidly being developed as a result of the many questions received from around the world by www.geosynthetica.net for information on, and sources of, geosynthetic products. It provides a listing of product specifications to ISO, ASTM, and CEN standards. By highlighting specifications of interest several products and parameters can be brought together on one page for direct comparison. Thus, products and parameters are easy to search, sort, select, and specify. 

Jain Irrigation Systems Ltd., Jalgaon, India

are manufacturers of Drip and Sprinkler Irrigation Systems and Components, PVC, Polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE) & Polypropylene Piping Systems, Plastic Sheets (PVC & PC sheets), Dehydrated Onions and Vegetables, Processed Fruits, Tissue Culture, Hybrid & Grafted Plants, Greenhouses, Poly and Shade Houses, Bio-fertilizers, Solar Water Heating Systems and Solar Photovoltaic Appliances (Solar lighting systems).


Our perseverance has earned us many distinctions :


Suitable for almost all field crops like Wheat, Gram, Pulses as well as Vegetables, Cotton, Soya bean, Tea, Coffee, and other fodder crops.


Suitable for Residential, Industrial, Hotel, Resorts, Public & Government Enterprises, Golf Links, Race courses.

  • Pioneers of Micro Irrigation Systems in India.
  • The only manufacturer of complete drip irrigation systems in the world.
  • The largest producer of Plastic Pipes in India.
  • The only manufacturer producing widest range of Plastic Sheets (PC & PVC) under one roof.
  • Annually Processing over 1,00,000 MT of different polymers.
  • The largest Processor of Fruits & Vegetables in India.
  • The largest Mango Pulp Processor in the organized sector with built capacity of about 58000 - 60000 MTs per annum.
  • All divisions of the company are ISO-9001-2001 accredited by RWTUV, Germany.
  • Irrigation, Plastic Piping & Plastic Sheet divisions are ISO-9001:2001 & ISO-14001:2004 accredited by RWTUV, Germany.
  • Our food division has achieved certifications of HACCP, SGF & KOSHER.
  • Achieved Rs. 2293 million exports in the financial year 2004-2005 from the toughest markets in the world.
  • We are India's only one-stop high-tech integrated agricultural shop.
  • The largest producer of Tissue culture Banana Plants in India.

Contact : Jain Plastic Park, P.O. Box 72, Jalgaon-425001, India. Tel : +91-257-2258011, Fax : +91-257-2258111/22, E-mail : jisl@jains.com, Website : www.jains.com




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Cable & pipe locators

Pipe & pipe fitting, Pipes and joints, Piping sytems, installation and maintenance

Cast in-situ concrete

Publications/Journals on Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control

Central pivot irrigation system

Pumps & pumping plant
Centrifugal Reinforced earth

Consultancy & design services

Remote & automatic recording system
Control equipment & systems RO membranes
Data logging equipment Scrapers
Desalination Sluice gates
Desilting equipment


Education and training

Sprinkler irrigation

Electric motor & generators Tanks
Electronic distance measurement hydrographic Telemetering equipment


Telemetry equipment
Gates & valves, controls

Water & wastewater treatment

Geotextiles, geosynthetics & Geomembrance

Water monitoring system

HDPE films Water treatment chemicals
Irrigation and drainage  

Irrigation products

LDPE films  


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