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Knowledge Management (KM)

Managing the knowledge process is key to the success of any professional network. In order to fulfill the mission of the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), Knowledge Management consists of generation, extraction, consolidation/compilation, synthesis, packaging and dissemination of the knowledge plays a critical role in the field of irrigation, drainage and flood management.

Knowledge generation process falls in the perview of the research and development institutions in ICID member and non-member countries and is assimilated through other development processes, sector or disciplines.

The various technical Working Groups of ICID, through their activities help extract, compile, and synthesize this knowledge. For sharing this knowledge across a wide spectrum of users Central Office is assigned the responsibility facilitating it packaging by making optimal use of the advances in the information technology. The effort is to appropriately synthesize the interaction between technology, techniques, and people to apply the knowledge so generated effectively.


ICID has taken the initiative to upgrade these facilities to meet the growing requirements in this demand to help our members to get the latest data information. Some of the services that are being offered by the Central Office are briefly described in this booklet are:

  1. New ICID Website
  2. Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)
  3. Text Delivery System (TDS)
  4. e-Publications
  5. e-Learning
  6. Virtual Communication Tools: Web-conferencing and Tele-conferencing

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