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Scheme for Recognition of Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS)


At the 63rd meeting of International Executive Council (IEC) held at Adelaide, Australia on 28 June 2012, President Gao Zhanyi suggested that a process for recognition of the historical irrigation structures on the lines of World Heritage Sites as recognized by UNESCO shall be initiated. Accordingly, a Task Team comprising of the following members, was set up to work out objectives, guidelines and procedures to select the historical irrigation structures. The Scheme was discussed during the meeting of WG-HIST at 65th IEC meeting. The members suggested changes in the scope of the Scheme, The present Scheme has been revised and updated to include both the old operational irrigation structures as well as structures that have primarily archival value.


It is proposed that a historical irrigation and/or drainage structure fulfilling the criterion laid down in this document shall be recognized as “Heritage Irrigation Structure” (HIS). The nomination forms received by 30 June every year will be processed together and presented to the following Executive Council meeting after due processing. For more, please download.


Call for Nominations for Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS) - 2017


Recognition of Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS) - SCHEME
Recognition of Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS) - NOMINATION FORM




ICID Register of Heritage Irrigation Structures


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