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ICID’s main activity is to promote three core areas viz, irrigation, drainage and flood management by addressing their engineering, agronomic, environmental, social, financial and institutional aspects. The Permanent Committee for Technical Activities (PCTA) provides the platform for the various technical working groups and task forces categorized under four Strategy Themes’ – Basin, Schemes, On-Farm, and Knowledge, to interact with each other to discuss their outcomes to ensure synergetic outputs. The Committee is responsible for the selection of Questions/Themes for Congresses, World Irrigation Forums, Regional Conferences, Special Sessions, Symposia, etc., and for making appropriate recommendations for action thereon.


Mandate : The Permanent Committee for Technical Activities shall be concerned with all the technical activities of the Commission including all publications of ICID. It will be responsible for the activity of the technical bodies, for the selection of Questions/Themes for Congresses, World Irrigation Forums, Conferences, Special Sessions, Symposia, etc., for the settlement of the technical conclusions thereof and for making appropriate recommendations for action thereon.


Sl. No.
Name Country Membership
VP Dr. Ding Kunlun China Chair (2015)
PH Peter S. Lee (UK) UK Member (2013)
Ms. Aysen Pervin Güngör (Turkey) Turkey Member (2014)
VPH Mr. Chaiwat Prechawit (Thailand) Thailand Member (2014)
VPH Dr. Mohamed Wahba Egypt Member (2015)
Mr. Ali Reza Salamat Iran Member (2015)
Prof. Michele Perniola Italy Member (2018)
Dr. Tsugihiro Watanabe Japan Member (2018)
VP Dr. Brian T. Wahlin  USA Member (2018)
Secretary General, ICID  Member-Secretary
World Bank representative  Permanent Observer
FAO representative  Permanent Observer
13 IWMI representative Permanent Observer
14 ISO representative Permanent Observer


WWC representative  Permanent Observer


CPWF representative Permanent Observer


AgWA representative Permanent Observer


All Strategy Theme Leaders and Chairs of all Workbodies under PCTA. Ex-Officio Member
Ex-Officio Members

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Strategy Theme: Basin


  1. Working Group on Environment (WG-ENV)
  2. Working Group on Irrigation and Drainage in the States under Socio-Economic Transformation (WG-IDSST
  3. Working Group on Sustainable Development of Tidal Areas (WG-SDTA)
  4. Working Group on Managing Water Scarcity under Conflicting Demands (WG-MWSCD)
  5. Working Group on Climate Change and Agricultural Water Management (WG-CLIMATE)
  6. Working Group on Water for Bio-Fuel and Food (WG-BIO-FUEL)
  7. Working Group on Adaptive Flood Management (WG-AFM)

Strategy Theme: Schemes


  1. Working Group on Institutional and Organizational Aspects of Irrigation / Drainage System Management (WG-IOA)
  2. Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDRG)
  3. Working Group on Modernization and Revitalisation of Irrigation Schemes (WG-M&R)
  4. Working Group on Irrigation Development and Management (WG-IDM) 
  5. Working Group on Water Saving in Irrigated Areas (WG-WATS)
  6. Working Group on Rain Water Harvesting (WG-RWH)

Strategy Theme: On-Farm


  1. Working Group on Sustainable On-Farm Irrigation System Development (WG-SON-FARM)
  2. Working Group on Water and Crops (WG-WATER & CROP)
  3. Working Group on Use of Non-Conventional Water Resources for Irrigation (WG-NCWRI)

Strategy Theme: Knowledge

  1. ICID Journal Editorial Board (EB-JOUR)
  2. Working Group on History of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control (WG-HIST)
  3. Task Force to Guide ICID Inputs to World Water Forum 9 (TF-WWF9)
  4. Working Group on Value Engineering (WG-VE)
  5. TF for Updation and Maintenance of Multilingual Technical Dictionary (TF-MTD)
  6. Working Group on Capacity Development, Training and Education (WG-CDTE)







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