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Position of Secretary General

The International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID) is a leading Technical, Professional and Not-for-Profit network of Agriculture Water Management professionals engaged in the development of irrigation, drainage and flood management works throughout the world including stakeholders from the diverse disciplines. The Commission, with active support from a network of over 76 member countries, provides a platform where the engineering, agronomic, socio-economic, environmental and managerial complexities and experiences are discussed, shared and improved practices identified and promoted through the National Committees in the member countries.



The affairs of the Commission are conducted under the overall supervision of the International Executive Council (IEC) assisted by a Management Board (MB). Under direction of the President, IEC/MB, the Secretary General exercises independent authority in the operation of headquarter of the Commission located in New Delhi on a day-to-day basis.

The Secretary General (SG) is a full-time Office Bearer of the Commission and is directly responsible for the promotion of ICID and in the development and maintenance of relationships with international organizations in the fulfillment of its vision and mission through well-defined strategies. With professional and leadership skills, the Secretary General is responsible for creating and executing programs that make the Commission support NCs in development and spread of sustainable solutions to the challenges related to water and land management.



The Secretary General operates from ICID's Head Quarters, called Central Office, and is its chief executive officer. He is responsible for the conduct of all technical, administrative and financial business, develops a knowledge management program, and identifies significant funding sources from beyond those internal to the Commission. He executes programs aimed at strengthening existing National Committees and expanding the membership of ICID.

Secretary General has overall responsibility for all the activities of ICID and for the work carried out by the Central Office, including preparation of agenda and minutes of meetings and publications. SG establishes rules and procedures for governing the staff and the functioning of the Central Office, in consultation with the Staff Committee. A team of 18 staff, including the technical professionals, assists SG in day-to-day business of the Commission.


The Secretary General is the Treasurer of ICID, reports annually to the Council on the accounts of the Commission, and is responsible for the financial management of the Commission, including receipt, expenditure and management of all funds. SG prepares annual budgets for consideration of the International Executive Council, and is responsible for proper execution of budgets as approved by the Council. He is also responsible for all the legal, financial and administrative requirements under GoI provisions on behalf of the Commission.


The Secretary General is responsible for the smooth organization of the annual meetings of the Commission and the triennial congresses and world irrigation forums and other meetings and conferences organized under the ICID banner and hosted by the National Committees, ensuring that proper logistic arrangements are made and that meetings, agendas and contents are of a high standard and reflect the vision and mission of the Commission.


Educational Qualification

A Post-Graduate in Civil Engineering / Water Resources or a Doctorate or a Post-Graduate in Agricultural Sciences.

Experience Required:

  1. A water professional having more than 30 years’ experience with international exposure as well as outlook, having had previous association with both private and public sectors at senior level and excellent language skills both written and spoken. Ideally fluent in English and French, the official languages of ICID. Alternatively, fluent in English with some understanding of the French language.

  2. A self-evident leader possessing a clear-thinking, powerful communicator, with charisma to inspire, stature to impress and convince international audience, and ability to present ICID policies on various issues clearly.

Experience Highly Desirable:

  1. Familiarity with ICID and other international professional organizations in water sector.

  2. Familiarity with legal, financial and administrative requirements under GoI provisions on behalf of the Commission.

  3. Successful experience in managing or directing the work of a professional organization, including fund raising.

  4. International or national recognition as a top professional in the area of water resources and agronomy-, engineering-, socio-economic- and environment-related allied fields of development.


Candidate will be adequately compensated in accordance with his/her abilities. The appointment will be for a three-year term from the date of joining, extendable for the second term.


Candidates should apply for the position in the prescribed proforma as given in Annex and along with a statement of purpose indicating suitability for the Post. The statement of purpose (Max 400 words) should clearly describe the nature of candidate’s association with the subjects of irrigation and drainage and/or with allied subjects like agriculture and water resources management, candidate’s involvement in the international professional activities and his specific contributions in these fields. Nomination needs to be supported by three referees who are fully conversant with the background and achievements of the candidate.

The complete application should be submitted in the Prescribed Proforma in confidence to: The Convener of the Nomination Committee (through E-mail: ncconvener@icid.org). The letters from the referees should also be sent by the referees directly to the Convener of the Nomination Committee using the e-mail given above. Hard copy submission or submission to any other e-mail address of the Commission will not be entertained.


Applications should be submitted on or before 5 June 2017.




Application for the Post of Secretary General

The application for the position of Secretary General is required to cover the following points:
Date of Birth
Residential Address (with Telephone, Mobile, E-mail, Skype ID)
Educational Qualifications (Starting from Graduation)
Experience starting with present service/occupation
Nature of work and level of affiliation/association
Prizes/Honours conferred
Publications (Please attach a complete list)
Association/affiliation with professional societies
International experience/experience with international organization/s
Names, status and addresses (with e-mail) of three referees:
Attachments required:
(a) Statement of purpose by the candidate (400 words)
(b) Letters of support for the nomination from three referees (to be directly sent by the Referee to the convener).
(c) A passport size picture (JPG format)




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