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Dr. Dukhovny

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Call for Nominations


ICID invites nominations for the ‘World Irrigation and Drainage Prize 2016’ (WID Prize) instituted to recognize the contributions made by an individual or an institution promoting sustainable irrigation and enhanced agriculture production around the world. The WID Prize, a unique award instituted by ICID, is awarded to recognise the work of dedicated professionals and institutions who have actively contributed to the development of irrigation and drainage during the past 15 years. The award is conferred upon an individual, a group of individuals or an institution without any discrimination whatsoever on the grounds of nationality, religion, race, gender, age or political belief.


The Prize including a cash award of US$10,000 and a ‘Citation Plaque’ citing the meritorious achievements of the winner will be awarded during the 2nd World Irrigation Forum (WIF2) scheduled from 6-12 November 2016 at Chiang Mai, Thailand.


Nominations are invited for the 2nd WID Prize from National Committees of ICID; Governments of ICID Member countries; International organizations and Non-governmental organizations / institution maintaining formal relations with ICID, especially those concerned with Irrigation and Drainage. Nominations must be submitted latest by 30 June 2016.


The candidates nominated for this prize shall have made exceptionally significant contribution through innovations in the field of irrigation and drainage by way of (a) research, (b) management, (c) technical services, (d) advocacy, (e) operationalization of innovations and (f) sensitization of decision makers and public; resulting in increased agriculture production, at national, regional and/or international level.


The prize winner(s) would be encouraged to give an acceptance speech/lecture on the subject relevant to the work for which the Prize is awarded.


1st World Irrigation and Drainage Prize


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Korea Rural Community Corporation (KRC)


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ICID’s “World Irrigation and Drainage Prize”



1. Nominating Organisation

  1. Name(s) of person(s) submitting nomination :-
  2. Name of Nominating Organisation :-
  3. Mailing Address :-
  4. Telephone number :-
  5. E-mail address :-

2. Nominee’s detail

  1. Nominee’s name :-
  2. Current position :-
  3. Mailing address :-
  4. E –mail address :-
  5. Telephone number :-

3. Bio graphical information

  1. Date and Place of birth :-
  2. Education :-
  3. A resume or CV detailing the nominee’s position held, professional affiliations, honours and awards received (as Annexure).
  4. Photograph of the nominee (2 copies).

4. Synopsis


[Provide synopsis of nominee’s achievement in 150 words or less].


5. Statement of achievement


[In not more than 1000 words, describing the work of the nominee, its impact in terms of numbers of  people benefitted, geographical boundaries of the impact and measure of per capita increase in income of the people benefitted].


6. Seconding Nominations


[Letters seconding the nomination from at least two individuals who are familiar with the nominees work but not directly associated with the nominating organisation must be provided. Seconding letters should ideally provide additional or supplemental information regarding the nominee’s achievement as well as its impact on the people].


7. Supplementary Documents


[Provide a List of the Documents attached that support the nomination, including but not limited to articles describing the nominee’s work, achievement,impact and evaluation of the work, and publications by the Nominee or about the work that directly relate to the nomination should be providedAll attached documents should be submitted in Microsoft word & PDF format].