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2nd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

6-8 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Main Theme: Water Management in a Changing World: Role of irrigation for Sustainable Food Production

Sub-theme 1.  Key issues of irrigation and drainage in balancing water, food, energy and ecology


Topic 1.1   Roles and efforts of the irrigation sector with respect to the World water issues

Paper No. Title of the Paper and Author

Role of Irrigation for Sustainable Food Production in Russia

Liudmila Kireycheva (Russia)


Improvement in Sub-Surface Drip Irrigated Pistachio under Saline Water Use

Hossain Dehghanisanij and Farshad Haji Aga Bozorgi (Iran)


Determining the Optimal Irrigation Strategy for Rotational Grazing Systems 

Birendra K.C., Magdy Mohssen, Henry Wai Chau, Andrew Curtis Richard H. Cuenca, John Bright, M.S. Srinivasan, and Keith Cameron (New Zealand)


A Management Approach to Increase Irrigated Area and Production in Madhya Pradesh, India 

R.S. Julaniya, Manish Singh, M.G. Choubey, and Shubhankar Biswas (India)


Irrigation’s Effects on Food Production and Rural Development

Ahmet Tokdemir, Hasan Kilic, Celal Kaya, and Mustafa Kosar (Turkey)


Carbon Footprint Assessment of Different Irrigation Systems 

Antonio Guiso, Graziano Ghinassi, and Paolo Spugnoli (Italy)


Drip and Paired Row Planting for Paddy Cultivation

Vilas Tajane, Arvind Gulghane, and Abhijeet Page (India)


Investigating Geo-Synthetic (Geo-Membrane) Coatings and Prefabricated Moisture Barrier (Insulation) In Irrigation Network Canals and Drainage of Arayez Plain of Southeastern Iran

Ashraf Makvandi, Fatemeh Zakerihosseini, Jahangir Habibi, and Shahriar Khaledi (Iran)


Effect of Irrigation System on Groundwater Resources in Harran Plain (Southeastern Turkey)

Nedret ÖZEL, Şaziye BOZDAĞ, and Alper BABA (Turkey)


Southeastern Anatolia Project

Sadrettin Karahocagil, and Aslıhan Güven (Turkey)


Prospects For Improving Irrigated Agriculture In Southern Africa – Linking Water, Energy and Food

Tafadzwanashe Mabhaudhi, Sylvester Mpandeli, Vimbayi G. P. Chimonyo, Luxon Nhamo, Gerhard Backeberg, and Albert T. Modi (South Africa)


Irrigation Efficiency In The Reclaimed Waterlogged Lands During Dry Periods 

Yashin Valery, Peregudov Sergey, and Evsenkin Konstantin (Russia)


Economic Viability of Deficit Irrigation to Medicinal Plant in West São Paulo State, Brazil

Catariny Cabral Aleman, Flávio Bastos Campos, and Patricia Angélica Alves Marques (Brazil)


Addressing Food, Energy and Water Nexus in A Volcanic Area

Hanugrah Purwadi, Tri BayuAdji, and Vicky Ariyanti (Indonesia)


Quantitative Comparison of Three Defence Lines in Reducing Nitrogen and Phosphorus Load in Rice-Based Irrigation Systems

Junjie Liu, Bin Dong, Yuanlai Cui, Zhi Mao, and Wangzi Zhou (China)


Irrigation and Drainage Efforts in Indus Basin – A Review of Past, Present and Future Requirements

Muhammad Basharat, and Sultan Ahmad Rizvi (Pakistan)


Roles and Efforts of the Irrigation Sector Inmyanmar Agriculture Practice

Mu Mu Than (Myanmar)


Impacts of Furrow Firming and Sowing Pattern of Sugarbeet on Improving Water Productivity

Majid Montaserei, Amir Nourjou, and Javad Behmanesh (Iran)


New Generation Plastic Pipe Materials Improve Efficiency of Modern Irrigation Systems

Kumhoong Lou, Prashant Nikhade, Farraj Tashman, Alessandro Marangoni, and Faisal Khouri (Singapore)




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