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2nd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

6-8 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Main Theme: Water Management in a Changing World: Role of irrigation for Sustainable Food Production

Sub-theme 1.  Key issues of irrigation and drainage in balancing water, food, energy and ecology


Topic 1.4    Innovations and extension under new irrigation and drainage performance and services requirements for national water and food security

Paper No. Title of the Paper and Author
W.1.4.01 Canal Automation for Irrigation Systems: American Society of Civil Engieners Manual of Practice 131
Brian Wahlin, and Darell Zimbelman (USA)
W.1.4.02 Study on Conjunctive use of Groundwater and Surface Water for Paddy Rice Irrigation in Sanjiang Plain Northeast China
Zhanyi GAO, Jing LIU, Shaoli WANG, Haorui CHEN, Yongqing ZHAO, and Chengkun YU (China)
W.1.4.03 Performance Evaluation of Irrigation Schemes to Improve Land and Water Productivity: A Case Study of Rajangana Irrigation Scheme in Sri Lanka
S.M.D.L.K.De Alwis, and N.T.S. Wijesekera (Sri Lanka)
W.1.4.04 Utilization of Water Resources of Mekong River in Lao PDR Under Adverse Topographical and Socio-Economic Conditions
R.K. Gupta, and R.K. Agrawal (India)
W.1.4.05 Sediment Flushing Strategy for Reservoir of Proposed Bhasha Dam, Pakistan
Waqas Javed, and Tawatchai Tingsanchali (Pakistan)
W.1.4.06 Balance Analysis of Nitrogen and Phosphorus for the Fertilization Management of Rice Production in South China
Wangzi Zhou, Bin Dong, Junjie Liu, and Qiang Li (China)
W.1.4.07 Improved On-Farm Water Management Practices for Major Crops in Pakistan
Allah Bakhsh, Muhammad Rizwan, Niaz Ahmad, and Junaid Nawaz Chauhdary (Pakistan)
W.1.4.08 Efficient Irrigation by Applying a Water Balance: A South African Experience
Felix B. Reinders (South Africa)
W.1.4.09 Design Irrigation, Management and Extension Practices in Blue Berries (Vaccinium Corymbosum L.) To Improve “Inside-Gate Water Footprint”: A Case Study In Concordia, Argentina
A. Pannunzio, E. A. Holzapfel, P. Texeira, and F. Bologna (Argentina)
W.1.4.10 Agricultural Producers Company: A Way Forward for Sustainable Participatory Irrigation Management
Sanjay Belsare, Ashish Deogade, and Hanumant Gunale (India)
W.1.4.11 Feasibility Study of Domestic Water Supply Using Agricultural Reservoirs in Rural Area of Korea
Kwang-Sik Yoon, Soo-Myung Choi, Jong-Hun Chai, Seung-HwanYoo, Dong-Ho Choi, Suk-Gun Yoon, and Kyung-Hun Jung (Korea)
W.1.4.12 A Browser/ Server Framework for Crop ET Control and Irrigation Management Improvement Using Remote Sensing Data
Lei Wang, Yu Liu, and Zhigong Peng (China)
W.1.4.13 Improving Surface Irrigation in Mexico as National Policy Priority
Waldo Ojeda-Bustamante, Jorge Flores-Velazquez, Gustavo Hinojosa, and Luis Rendon-Pimentel (Mexico)
W.1.4.14 Water Management for Increasing Feed Rice Yield and for Enviromental Conservation: An Experimental Study
Masahiro Ogiwara, Atsushi Marui, and Mattashi Izummi (Japan)
W.1.4.15 Assessment of Nitrogen Demand of Cropping Pattern by Critical Plant Nitrogen Concentration Index (Case Study: Varamin Irrigation and Drainage Network)
Maryam Yousefi, Ali Rahimi Khob, Jaber Soltani, Mohammad Ebrahim Banihabib, and Elyas Soltani (Iran)
W.1.4.16 Value Evaluation of the Irrigation Information Service System for Rice Cultivating Farmers in Japan
Toshiaki Iida, Masaomi Kimura, and Naritaka Kubo (Japan)
W.1.4.17 Understanding Cohesive Sediments Behaviour in Irrigation Canals Using Delft 3D Model Simulation
Shaimaa A. Theol, Charlotte de Fraiture, and F.X. Suryadi (The Netherlands)
W.1.4.18 A Comparison on Soil Properties Between Organic and Inorganic Paddy Farming in Awlegama, Kurunegala, Sri Lanka
K.G.I.D. Koralegedara, M.I.M. Mowjood, and A. K. Karunarathna (Sri Lanka)
W.1.4.19 Prediction of Environmental Flow Condition from Rainfall Using Relationship Between Tennant Method and Standardized Precipitation Index
Kumar Amrit, S.K. Mishra, and R. P. Pandey (India)

Study of Treflan Management on Grapevine Root Clogging in Subsurface Drip Irrigation
Majid Montaserei, Amir Nourjou, Hossein Dehghanisanij, and Javad Behmanesh (Iran)

W.1.4.21 Using SWAT Model to Assess the Impact of Increasing Irrigation Efficiency on Basin Efficiency (Case Study: Abharrud River Catchment)
Fereshteh Batoukhteh, Hossain Dehghanisanij, and Farhad Misaghi (Iran)
W.1.4.22 Effects of Different Irrigation Methods and Mulch on Corn (Zea Mayz L) Evapotranspiration, Yield, and Water Use Efficiency in a Semi-Arid Climate
Elahe Kanani, Hossein Dehghanisanij, and Samira Akhavan (Iran)
W.1.4.23 The Feasibility Analysis of Drip Irrigation Using Three Water Sources in the Hetao Irrigation District
Jian Yu, Jinzhong Yang, Bin Xu, Wei Li, Jigang Shi, Han liu, and Xin Ma (China)
W.1.4.24 Barley Water and Nitrogen Requirement to Increase its Sustainable Production in Semi-Arid Region
Mojtaba Naghdyzadegan, Fatemeh Razzaghi, and Shahrokh Zand-Parsa (Iran)
W.1.4.25 Using Different Numerical Schemes for Assessing Water Productivity
Farimah Omidi, and Mehdi Homaee (Iran)
W.1.4.26 Soil Hydraulic Conductivity in a Non-Wheel Traffic Corn Row, A Wheel Traffic Corn Row, and a Reconstructed Prairie
Sitha Ketpratoom, Robert Horton, Dedrick Davis, and Robert P. Ewing (Thailand)
W.1.4.27 Forecasting for Hydrological Data for Reservoir Sizing: Case Study Huai Tha Koei Reservoir
Prachya Chaiwattana, Watchara Suiadee, and Chanin Songchon (Thailand)
W.1.4.28 A Simulation Model Evaluating the Performance of a Rainwater Harvest System for Irrigation
Supattra Visessri, Sucharit Koontanakulvong, and Ming-Daw Su (Thailand)

The Pilot Project of Energy Saving Aerator for Waste Water Treatment in Khao Tao Reservoir, Thailand

Jeamjit Kwankaew, Srisamorn Sithikanchanakul, Jadsada Aungsupanich, Ekapon Chimpong, Chanchana Thanachayanont, Samerkhae Jongthammanurak, Chabaiporn Junin, KroekchaiInpor, Phetcharaporn Ninwilai, and Nuttakorn Keratipaiboon (Thailand)

W.1.4.30 Fruitlook: A Spacial Approach to Assess and Improve Water Use Efficiency of Vineyards and Deciduous Fruit Orchards in South Africa
A.S.Roux, C.Jarmain, and R Goudriaan (South Africa)
W.1.4.31 Tubewell Run on Solar Energy and its Use in Agriculture
Allah Bakhsh, Junaid Nawaz Chauhdary, Asghar Ali , Muhammad Rizwan, and Mehran Hussain (Pakistan)

Topic 1.5  Role of irrigation and drainage for f orest management

W.1.5.01 Effects of Boron and Sodium Toxicity on the Growth of Leafy Amaranth (Amaranthus Cruentus)
Adeniran, K.A., Amodu M.F., and Adelodun, B. (Nigeria)




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