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2nd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

6-8 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Main Theme: Water Management in a Changing World: Role of irrigation for Sustainable Food Production


Sub-theme 2.   Management of Climatic Extremes with Focus on Floods and Droughts


Topic 2.1   Adaptation of Design and Operation Criteria for Irrigation and Drainage Schemes in Light of Climate Change Impacts

Paper No. Title of the Paper and Author
W.2.1.01 Institutional and Agronomic Approaches on Drought Management and Some Main Crops Cultivated in Turkey
Nese Uzen, and Oner Cetin (Turkey)
W.2.1.02 Diagnostic Assessment Approach for Formulating a Climate-Proactive Modernization Strategy for Small-Scale National Irrigation Systems in the Philippines
Mona Liza F. Delos Reyes, and Bart Schultz (Philippines)
W.2.1.03 Hydrology of the Recent California Drought and Comparison with Past Droughts
Maurice Roos (USA)
W.2.1.04 Hydrological Information Availability Index for Water Allocation Decisions in Irrigation Districts
Alexander Kaune, Micha Werner, Erasmo Rodríguez, and Charlotte de Fraiture (The Netherlands)
W.2.1.05 Impact Assessment of Climate Change on Design Flood Using Non-Stationary I-D-F Curve Based on RCP 8.5 Climate Change Scenarion
Se Jin Jeung, Suk Ho Lee, and Byung Sik Kim (Korea)
W.2.1.06 Ecological Restoration As A Tool To Improve The Ecological Resilience Of Coastal Reclaimed Agricultural Land
Namjoo Heo, Sunghee Lee, Seona Yun, and Young D. Choi (Korea)
W.2.1.07 Flood Frequency Analysis for Extreme Events Under Climate Change in Yom River Basin of Thailand
Aksara Putthividhya, and Apiwit Jomvoravong (Thailand)
W.2.1.08 Numerical Simulation of Performance of an Improved Sub-surface Drainage System Using Hydrus-2D
Yuan Tao, Shaoli Wang, and Di Xu (China)
W.2.1.09 Measures for Effective Use of Agricultural Groundwater in Jeju, South Korea
HyunJu Park, Chag-Ok Kim, Byeong Hun Kim, Ki-Yeon Park, Cha Youn Jung, JooHyeong Son, U-Cheol Lee, and HyungGuen Jang (Korea)
W.2.1.10 Adaptation of Irrigation Under Conditions of Possible Climate Changes in the South of Russia
Liudmila Kireycheva, and Irina Glazunova (Russia)
W.2.1.11 Modeling Irrigation System for Water Management of a Companion and Inter Cropping Field in Central Taiwan
R.S. Wu, J.S. Liu, and S.Y. Chang (Taiwan)
W.2.1.12 Revitalizing and Preparing Drainage Operation and Maintenance to Anticipate Climate Change in Semarang Heritage City
S. Imam Wahyudi, Bart Schultz, and Henny Pratiwi Adi (Indonesia)
W.2.1.13 Increasing the Resilience of Small and Medium Scale Irrigation Systems in Nepal
Simon Howarth, Sushil Tiwari, Prachanda Pradhan, Umesh Parajuli, and Keshav Sharma (UK)
W.2.1.14 Evaluation of Irrigation Supply and NPS Pollution Between Conventional and SRI Water Management in Paddy
Ji-Yeon Seo, Bae-Kyong Park, Kwang-Sik Yoon, and Joongdae Choi (Korea)
W.2.1.15 Temporal Variation of the Interaction Between Climate Change and Agriculture Water Management in the Nile Delta
Waleed H. Abou El Hassan (Egypt)

El-Nino Effect on Water Management Objective in Tidal Lowland Reclamation Areas (Adaptation Model For Corn)
Momon Sodik Imanudin, and Budianta, D. Bakri (Indonesia)




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