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2nd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

6-8 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Main Theme: Water Management in a Changing World: Role of irrigation for Sustainable Food Production

Sub-theme 2.   Management of Climatic Extremes with Focus on Floods and Droughts


Topic 2.2 Managing Impacts of Extreme Events – Floods and Droughts

Paper No. Title of the Paper and Author

Managing Drought and Floods in California, USA
W. Martin Roche (USA)


Evaluating Impacts of Carry-Over in Agricultural Reservoirs on Water Supply During Non-Irrigation Seasons Using Probability Analysis
JeHong Bang, Jin-Yong Choi, Sung-Hack Lee, Sang-Hyun Lee, and Seung-Yeon Jung (Korea)


Visualizing Submergence Risk of Field Crops in the Middle Reach of Chao Phraya Delta
Takanori Nagano, Yotaro Ueno, Akihiko Kotera, Chaiwut Wattanakarn, Kanching Kaward, Thada Sukhapunnaphan, and Sucharit Koontanakulvong (Japan)


Flood Risk Formulation on Low-Lying Paddy Regions as an Impact Assessment Tool for Extremes
Hiroki Minakawa, and Takao Masumoto (Japan)


Drought Analysis on Maize in The Luvuvhu River Catchment, South Africa
Teboho Elisa Masupha, Mokhele Edmond Moeletsi, and Sylvester Mpandeli (South Africa)


Early Warning of Agricultural Drought and Corresponding Irrigation Management Strategies – Taiwan’s Adaptation Experience
Gwo-hsing Yu, Yi-fong HoShiaw-enJu, Ching-wen Chen, and Liang-wei Yang (Taiwan)


Bolstering Groundwater Irrigation Whilst Co-Managing Disastrous Floods and Droughts Through Innovative Subsurface Solutions
Paul Pavelic, Brindha K., and Gangopadhyay P. (Lao PDR)


Modelling Joint River Basins Managements for Mitigating the Drought and Flood – A Case Study in Upper Chao Phraya River Basin, Thailand
Supattra Visessri, Sucharit Koontanakulvong, and Ming-Daw Su (Thailand)


Statistical Forecasting of Rainfall by ENSO/IOD Index in the Chao Phraya River Basin
Winai Chaowiwat, and Sucharit Koontanakulvong (Thailand)


Assessment of Climate Change Impact on Meteorological Droughts
Alireza Nikbakht Shahbazi (Iran)


Anthropgenic and Climatic Factors: As Causes of Drought Disaster in Sudan
Abu Bakr Elsiddig Ahmed Eltohami (Sudan)


Quantitative Analysis of Electrical Resistivity Data for the Safety of Sea Dike
Hwan-Ho Yong, and Sung-Ho Song (Korea)


Dying Lake Chad: Adaptive Strategies to Climate Change and Water Scarcity of the Lake Chad Basin
Amali Abraham Amali, Muhammad Sani Bala, and Francis Adeyemi Adeniji (Nigeria)


Some Legal and Regulatory Adjustments Available for Drought Resiliance
Therese A. Ure, and Laura A. Schroeder (USA)


Hydrological Drought Index at the Irrigation Area in Pemali-Comal River Basin
Waluyo Hatmoko, R. Wahyudi Triweko, and Iwan K. Hadihardaja (Indonesia)

W.2.2.16 Application of DWCM-AGWU Model to the Mae Klong River Basin with Large Complex Irrigation Scheme
Jutithep Vongphet, and Takao Masumoto (Thailand)

Indus Basin Drought (1999-2002) Impact on Irrigated Agriculture – A Policy Review in the Preview of Mega Storages and Floods
Muhammad Basharat (Pakistan)


The Study of Numbers and Intensity of Tropical Cyclone Moving Toward the Upper Part of Thailand
Aphantree Yuttaphan, Sombat Chuenchooklin, & Somchai Baimoung (Thailand)

W.2.2.19 On Sustainability of Irrigation Development and Disaster Mitigation of Thailand’s Chao Phraya Delta
Chaiwat Prechawit (Thailand)

Cross-Sectoral Impact of Water Deficits in Nan River Basin
Pavisorn Chuenchum, PongsakSuttinon and Piyatida Ruangrassamee (Thailand)


Assessment of Agricultural Drought Responses Consi-dering Reservoir Storage Rates in South Korea
Yong-Hoon Shin, Jin-YongChoi, Sung-HackLee, and Sang-Hyun Lee (Korea)


Flood Mitigation In Monkey’s Cheek Project Area
Tepawan Wattanaprateep (Thailand)


Agricultural Drought Forecasting and Warning System
Jong Hoon Park, Jong Won Do, Kwang Ya Lee, Bo Sung Koh, Sang Il Lee, Tae Hyun Ha, andWon-Ho Nam (Korea)


Climate and Drought Trends and their Relationships with Rice Production in the Mun River Basin, Thailand
Saowanit Prabnakorn, Shreedhar Maskey, F.X. Suryadi, and Charlotte de Fraiture (The Netherlands)




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