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2nd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

6-8 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Main Theme: Water Management in a Changing World: Role of irrigation for Sustainable Food Production

Sub-theme 3.   Key and Smart Actions to Alleviate Hunger and Poverty through Irrigation and Drainage


Topic 3.3 Adaptation Measures for Rural Water Management for Water and Food Security

Paper No. Title of the Paper and Author
W.3.3.01 Food Security and Poverty Eradication Through Small Scale Inland Fisheries in a District in India
Shivaji Sangle, and Richa Bagla (India)

Effects of Straw Mulching on Microclimate Characteristics, Evapotranspiration and Yield of Drip Irrigated Winter Wheat in North China Plain
Jiandong Wang, Yanqun Zhang, Shihong Gong, Di Xu, Richard Snyder, and Yuefen Zhao (China)


An Innovative Water Management Approach for Food Security of Coastal Zone Communities in Bangladesh
Manoranjan Mondal, Elizabeth Humphreys, and Sudhir Yadav (Bangladesh)

W.3.3.04 Innovation for Potable Water from Saline Aquifer: A Step Toward Climate Change Preparedness
Lalit Mohan Sharma (India)

Water Management System in the Ukrainian Danube River Area for Food and Environmental Safety
Pavlo Kovalchuk, Hanna Balykhina, Volodymyr Kovalchuk, and Tetyana Matyash (Ukraine)


Multi Criteria Tools and Methods for Sustainability Studies in Irrigated Areas
García Asensio, José María; Hidalgo García, Manuel; and Loyola, Luis (Spain)

W.3.3.07 Use of Drainage Water for Irrigation of Quinoa in a Mediterranean Environment
S. Metin SEZEN, Attila YAZAR, Servet TEKIN, and Mehmet YILDIZ (Turkey)

Agricultural Radial Collector Wells in South Korea
Soun-Ouk Hong, Sung-Ho Song, and Jung-Gi An


Management of the Irrigation Water in South of Ukraine
Mykhailov Yu, Shevchenko A., Danylenko Iu, and Liutnytskyi S. (Ukraine)


Ensuring Sustainable Food Production in Afghanistan in Spite of Climate Change Through Systematic Water Management
Abdullah Sharifi, Abdul Reshtin, and Suman Sijapati (Afghanistan)


Assessment of Nutrient Loads Reduction from Paddy Rice Fields in Korea Under BMPS Scenarios
Jeong Ryeol Jang,Kyeung Kim, Jung Hun Song, Inhong Song, and Moon Seong Kang (Korea)


Farmers’ Perception of Water Management Under Drought Conditions in Badakshan Province, Afghanistan
Mohammad Wasim Iqbal, Somchai Donjedee, and Bancha Kwanyuen (Thailand)


Evaluation of the Salinity of Groundwater Used for Irrigation and Risks of Soil Degradation: Case Study of the Issen Perimeter in the Souss-Massa, Morocco
Kaoutar EL OUMLOUKI, Rachid MOUSSADEK, Ahmed DOUAIK, Hamza IAAICH, Houria DAKAK, Mohamed Taoufiq CHATI, Ahmed GHANIMI, Azzedine El MIDAOUI, Mahacine EL AMRANI, and Abdelmjid ZOUAHRI (Morocco)


Modernization of Irrigation Schemes through Training of Water User Associations in the Rapid Intervention Program
Guy Fipps, and Gabriele Bonaiti (USA)




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