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The 6th World Water Forum was held during 12 to 17 March at the French city of Marseille. Large number of delegates from 60 countries attended the mega event. The 6-days event was organized at the magnificent ‘Parc Chanot’ venue by the World Water Council in cooperation with French Government.

ICID jointly with the FAO organized some 12 sessions on Key Priority 2.2 Contribute to Food security by optimal use of water during the Forum. The Forum was attended by large number of   ICID members besides President Dr. Gao Zhanyi, Presidents Hon. Prof. Bart Schultz, and  Dr. Chandra Madramootoo; Vice Presidents Dr. Ragab Ragab,  Dr. Samia El-Guindy, Prof. Tai Cheol Kim, Adama Sangare; Secretary General Avinash C. Tyagi; Vice Presidents Hon. and other members across the world.  From FAO, Alexander Muller, Dr. Parviz Koohafkan, Director (Land and Water), Dr. Pasqualle Steduto, Deputy Director (NRL) Thierry Facon, Senior Regional Water Management Officer and other senior members participated in the Forum. Prof. Bart Schultz and Dr. Pasqualle Steduto are the coordinators for Theme 2.2. All the sessions were very well attended with lively discussions. It was a pleasure to see a participation of ICID members from all regions i.e. Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

The thought provoking speeches of high level political leaders – H.E. Chen Lei, China’s Minister of Water Resources, and H.E. Agatham Ag Alassane, Minister of Agriculture of Maliwere the key attributes of the opening session of Theme 2.2. “It is the common responsibility for all countries and the international community to safeguard food security. Let’s hold together and join hands to increase the capacity of disaster prevention and mitigation, adapt to the variety of challenges, develop irrigation and drainage, consolidate the foundation of agriculture, and make newer and greater contributions to the sustainable water utilization and the food security” said the Chinese Minister. H.E. Agatham Ag Alassane said that providing access to water for everyone is important for poverty alleviation. “Presently in Mali only 17% of the potential irrigable area is irrigated. Adequate water is available in the river Niger but it is shared and used inefficiently by nine countries, so modern irrigation systems are needed” said the Minister.

Theme 2.2 was debated by representatives of  more than 28 stakeholder organizations including farmers representative, private sector companies, UN organizations, international institutes and NGOs. National Committees of France (AFEID), Japan (JNC-ICID), Iran (IRNCID), and China (CNCID) held their pavilions at the forum. President Gao Zhanyi had a hectic scheduled and participated in more than 10 sessions, press briefings in the capacity of Chairman/ Panelist/ Speaker. Japanese National Committee organized a session on 15 March where the Asian Regional Working Group’s Task Force report on “Climate Change Adaptation for Irrigation and Drainage in Asia” was released and distributed among delegates. 7th World Water Forum will be held in South Korea in 2015 and a MoU between AFEID and KCID was signed by the Chairs of the respective national committees in presence of President Gao Zhanyi  and Secretary General Avinash Tyagi at the forum.

JNC-ICID had shared its pavilion space for display of ICID publications. Forum provided an excellent platform for all to meet experts from several countries, listen, and learn from experiences on various thematic areas of the Forum.

freccia Presentation: Water Management Challenges to Produce Sufficient Food for an Urbanising World (President Hon. Prof. Dr. Bart Schultz and Co-coordinator Theme 2.2)

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freccia Theme 2.2: Summarised Overview of Target and Solution Results, Recommendations and Commitments

Task Force to
Guide ICID Inputs to World Water Forum 6 (TF-WWF6)

(Year of establishment : 2009)

The 6th World Water Forum (WWF6) was held at Marseille, France from 12-17 March 2012. ICID was involved in the preparations of the Thematic Priority 2.2 on Contribute to Food Security by optimal Use of Water, as well as in 2.1 on Balance Multiple Uses through IWRM.

Terms of Reference (ToR)

  • To liaise with 6th WWF Program Committee and other International Bodies
  • To provide overarching lead role on behalf of ICID for inputs to 6th WWF by liaising with:
    • National Committees for inputs to the themes and sub-themes of the 6th WWF, of direct relevance to ICID
    • Workbodies on specific subjects related with 6th WWF
  • To liaise with French National Committee (AFEID) for preparatory work of 6th WWF and
  • To recommend ICID inputs for 6th WWF for consideration in 62nd IEC
PH Bart Schultz
Chairman :
Prof. dr. Bart Schultz
(The Netherlands), President Hon., ICID
Vice Chairman :
Mr. François Brelle (France)
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WWF6 Side Event SCP-ASA [Aug. 2011]

Background Note for the Thematic Priority
Contribute to Food Security by Optimal Use of Water
[15 May 2011]

Key Priority 2.2. Contribute to food security by optimal use of water

Core Group members:
1. FAO : Pasquale Steduto (coordinator)
2. ICID : Bart Schultz (co-coordinator)
3. Farmers perspective: Dr. D.M. More, President of the Irrigation Collaboration (Sinchan Sahyog) of Maharashtra, India
4. International Youth Council : Saba Loftus
5. French Ministry of Agriculture : Guillaume Benoît
6. Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture : to be contacted
7. OECD : Kevin Parris

Draft Metaplan [8 February 2012]



Updated files

freccia Final Session Program (1 March 2012)
freccia Core Group Report (2 March 2012)
freccia Revised Draft Metaplan (8 February 2012)

freccia Brief Report on the 3rd Coordinators Meeting, February 1, 2012, Paris, France

freccia PowerPoint Presentation of 3rd Coordination Meeting, February 2012
freccia Draft Session Proposals (6 February 2012)
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freccia Survey -Target 8: improve food supply chain efficiency and promote sustainable
Programme: Special Session on Water for Food Security with FAO, Oct. 2011
freccia Preparing for the 6th World Water Forum - Theme "Contribute to food security by optimal use of water"
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World Water Forum 6: Time for Solutions
12-17 March 2012 , Marseille, France

6th World Water Forum

The World Water Forum is the main water-related event in the world, aimed at putting water firmly on the international agenda. A stepping stone towards global collaboration on water problems, the Forum offers the water community and policy-and-decision-makers from all over the world the unique opportunity to come together to create links, debate and attempts to find solutions to achieve water security.

The 6th World Water Forum was held in Marseille, France, 12-17 March 2012.

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FAO and ICID are coordinating the preparation of the theme “Contribute to food security by optimal use of water”

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freccia Brief Report of 2nd Meeting of Thematic and Regional Coordinators, 7 December 2011, Paris, France


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