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Pivot irrigation, BrazilThe countries in North, South and Central Americas along with some Caribbean countries make the American Regional Working Group (AMRWG) of ICID. The Brazilian National Committee of ICID (ABID) routinely organises the "National Congress on Irrigation and Drainage" every year in Brazil and ICID Presidents , namely Mr. Peter Lee (UK) and Dr. Chandra Madramootoo (Canada) have participated in it.  It is said that Brazil will be the future engine of growth and food basket for the world. But other than the USA and Canada, language seems to be a bottleneck for spreading and sharing the vast treasure of knowledge on irrigation and drainage that is available with ICID and its national committees. Total arable area of the Americas is about 400 million hectares and out of this only about 46 million hectares is irrigated giving vast scope for water resources development and its management.


The AMRWG works for better contacts and dissemination of information on irrigation and drainage on a regional basis at the moment and desires to establish a strong base of ICID National Committees in the Americas.


Estd :2018


Summary of the Proceedings of the Meeting:

  1. The Working Group had informal discussion on possible barriers for South American countries to join ICID.  Observers Ir. Pilar Gil (Chile) suggested that informal networks of professionals who are interested in irrigation and drainage could be used as a ‘grassroots’ approach to building interest and potential membership in ICID. 
  2. PH Peter S. Lee (UK) advised on direct membership options. WG members were encouraged to explore existing contacts / networks with South American countries as a mechanism to develop interest in ICID.  WG discussed the possibility of asking a VP to write introduction letters and send to WG member contacts, and provide ICID promotional material to be presented at the conferences / meetings.
  3. WG appointed Dr. Warren Helgason (CANCID) as Interim Chair for this WG to lead the promotional activities during 2018-19 and provide a report during Bali meetings in September 2019.



(i)      Feedback from ‘Special Session of Latin Americas’ held on 14 August 2018 at Saskatoon, Canada

  • It was noted that the Special Session of Latin Americas could not be held due to lack of attendance during the event.


(ii)    Regional Membership of ICID

  • PH Peter S. Lee, Chair of TT-RO apprised the members and provided updates on direct member options for individuals and associations in South American countries as an option to develop ICID interest / capacity where national committees do not exist.



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