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Young Asian Professionals Training

9-13 April 2018, Beijing, China

ICID in association with the Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CNCID) and support from the Korean National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (KCID) organized a five-day YP training program to hone the skills of the budding young professionals on the theme “Performance Assessment of Irrigation Systems” from 9-13 April 2018 at China Hall of Science and Technology in Beijing, China.


The training program mainly focused on the physical, institutional, organizational and participatory management aspects of the irrigation systems and was attended by 19 participants from 14 countries namely, Australia, India, Iran, Iraq, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar and Iran. [ More… ]

Young Asian Professionals Training - Presentations

1 Rapid Appraisal Process (RAP) and Benchmarking Explanation and Tools by Charles Burt
2 Modernizing Irrigation Management - The MASSCOTE Approach (Mapping Systems and Services for Canal Operation Techniques) by FAO
3 Performance assessment of irrigation and drainage systems - Rapid Appraisal Procedure by M G Shivakumar 
4 Experiences on performance assessment and modernization of Irrigation systems in Karnataka, India by M G Shivakumar
5 Modernization of irrigation scheme through the MASSCOTE approach - A case study by M G Shivakumar
6 Performance assessment of Multiple Use Systems - The MASSMUS approach by M G Shivakumar
7 Structural interventions in modernization of irrigation systems - Canal lining, long crested weir, Baffle distributor, Measuring devices etc. by M G Shivakumar
8 Experiences on performance assessment of irrigation system in China by Zhanyi Gao
9 Assessment indicators for modernization of large scale irrigation districts by HAN Zhenzhong
10 Post evaluation on project rehabilitation and reconstruction of large scale irrigation districts in China by Han Zhenzhong and Prof. Dr.-Ing
11 Performance Assessment- Experiences from India by A B Pandya
12 Strategies for Irrigation Development in China by Dr.  Yuanhua LI
13 Experiences on performance assessment of Irrigation systems-Africa by Felix Reinders
14 Experiences and Results of Irrigation Modernization - A Case Study of Zhanghe Irrigation System in China by Dong Bin
15 Information management system for Jiamakou Irrigation Scheme - A Case Study in China by Dong Bin
16 Water Measurement Techniques, Water Price and Water Fee collection by Ding Kunlun
17 Modernisation of Irrigation System- An Overview by Harish Kumar Varma
18 Rehabilitation and Modernization of Irrigation System in China by Zhanyi Gao

Young Asian Professionals Training - Workshop Presentations

1 Innovative Irrigation Technology In Iran by S. Isapoor, and P.J. van Overloop
2 IOT & Sensor Technology Application for Irrigation Automation by Dr. Yu Yingduo
3 Experiences on performance assessment of irrigation system in China by Gao Zhanyi
4 Innovative Irrigation Technology in India by Pravin Kolhe
5 Innovative Irrigation Technology in Tajikistan by Firuz Qurbonzoda   
6 Basins Future - Jugaad Innovation – Water Resources Assessments & Planning by Amit Parashar, Peter Taylor, Carmel Pollino, Joel Rahman, Joel Stewart, Jean-Michel Perraud, Wendy Merritt, Geoff Podger, Kanganika Neog , Ashmita Sengupta, Mac Coombes, Vaibhav Chaturvedi
7 Innovation mechanism for management of Water-saving irrigation project in China by Wang Haoyu (Dayu Group)
8 Innovative Irrigation Technology in Sri lanka by Buddika W.L.N
9 Innovations in Irrigation Technologies, Uzbekistan by Kamol Khamraev
10 Innovative Irrigation Technology in Pakistan by Muhammad Arif Khan
11 ET by Satellite Technology by He CHEN
12 Adaptive Precision Broad-acre Irrigation Systems in Australia by Malcolm Gillies
13 Irrigation Makes Rich by IrriRich
14 Innovations of Irrigation technology in South Africa by Felix Reinders
15 Innovation Technology on Smart Fertigation by Wenyong Wu
16 Innovations in Irrigation Technology Indian Perspective by Ashwin B Pandya
17 Innovative Irrigation Technology in Nepal by Pramila Shrestha
18 Innovations of Irrigation Technology in Italy – Europe by Marco Arcieri
19 Current Agricultural Situation 
20 South Korea's Smart Farm by Jisun Kim 
21 ICT based Water Management System in South Korea by Bonghoon Lee
22 Innovative Irrigation Technology In Thailand by Chanin Songchon
23 Recent Research on Variable Rate Irrigation in China by Jiusheng Li


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