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Message from Irrigation Australia

Dear ICID Members,


We hope this New Year's message from Irrigation Australia finds you well and that you are ready to face the new year with enthusiasm and energy.


We have been heartened by the number of messages received from ICID members expressing apprehension and concern about the recent bushfires in Australia. There is no doubt that a combination of circumstances including a severe drought across the country created what could be described as the perfect environment for catastrophic fires. These fire conditions are unprecedented in their timing and severity and resulted in the loss of life, homes destroyed and significant loss of livestock and wildlife. Our precious koalas have featured predominantly on many domestic and international news stories and sadly the population of koalas has been greatly reduced by the fires, however thankfully they are not, as some media outlets report, at extinction levels.


The efforts of many thousands of firefighters from Australia and overseas supported by many community groups have done an outstanding job of saving many lives and homes and we are all very proud of their efforts at great risk to their personal safety.  Thankfully the Irrigation Australia team are safe and well and to the best of our knowledge so are our many members across Australia.


Ironically in recent days, towns and communities in Australia have been dealing with flooding from heavy rains and a cyclone in the west, so our climate continues to challenge our way of life and we continue to live up to our reputation of 'a sunburnt country of droughts and flooding rains'.


The Australian irrigation community looks forward to as many ICID members as possible visiting Australia in September for the 24th International Congress and we are all hopeful that we will be able to report a return to normal climatic conditions and, as this will be the southern hemisphere spring period, there will be green shoots rising through the ashes of the bushfires.


The program for the Congress is developing well and ICID have advised that abstract submissions are now open and we hope that our international colleagues are busy preparing their papers for review by the committee. We have some great social and technical events on the program and these can be viewed on the event website at http://www.icid2020.com.au. We encourage you to take advantage of the early bird discounts available and please contact our committee at icid2020@irrigation.org.au.if you have any questions or require assistance with letters of support for visa applications.


Kind regards


Bryan Ward
Chief Executive Officer
Irrigation Australia Ltd 
E: bryan.ward@irrigation.org.au
W: http://www.irrigationaustralia.com.au/


24th ICID Congress and 71st IEC Meeting, 22-28 September 2020, Sydney, Australia



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