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Training Programme on 'On-Farm Water Use and Management'

18-28 April 2016, Cairo, Egypt

Training Program on On-Farm Watr Use


The African Regional Working Group (AFRWG) at its 26th meeting held on 13th of October 2015 at Montpellier, France during 66th IEC laid emphasis on sustainable development for Africa to alleviate food insecurity and agreed to need establishing and strengthening the existing national committees across the African continent. AFRWG identified lack of capacity development especially among young professionals as one of the critical issues and accordingly developed a Capacity Building Strategy (CBS) for Africa in 2015.


ICID with the support of the Egyptian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ENCID) and in coordination with the Regional Center for Training and Water Studies (RTCWS) organized a short training programme on “On-farm Water Use and Management” for participants from African countries during 18-24 April 2016 with the aim of building the capacity of the engineers and practitioners in the areas of water resources management, irrigation and drainage. The course was designed to give the candidates opportunity to obtain knowledge and experience in the different related subjects dealing with irrigation and drainage.

A total 21 participants from 15 countries (Burkina Faso, Egypt, Iran, Kenya, Malawi, Mauritius, Morocco, Nigeria, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Zambia) participated in the training programme. Training course was inaugurated by the Head of RCTWRS in the presence of Vice President Dr. Mohamed Abd-El-Moneim Wahba; Dr. M H Amer, President, ENCID; Dr. Sylvester Mpandeli, Chair, AFRWG; and Er. Harish Kumar Varma, Executive Director, ICID on 18 April 2016.

The training was successfully organized with financial support from African-Asian Rural Development Organization (AARDO), Ministry of Water Resources China through CNCID and Korean Rural Corporation (KRC) through Korean National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (KCID).

The program was especially designed to cover various aspects on water use and management such as (i) Precise irrigation and drainage at the farm level, (ii) Advanced irrigation technologies for enhancing water use efficiency for irrigation of crops, (iii) Modeling of irrigation water, (iv) Potential of wastewater use in Agriculture, (v) Flood and drought management through rain water management, (vi) Socio-Environmental impacts of irrigation and drainage projects, (vii) Stakeholder multi-functionality and governance including how to manage competing water use and improve decision making process, (viii) Elements of an Africa strategy framework for water uses Ethics, (ix) Application of remote sensing and GIS in water management, and (ix) Data Analysis and Graphics.


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Training Programme on 'On-Farm Water Use and Management'

17-25 April 2016, Cairo, Egypt


Invitation for nomination and sponsorship


National Committees of ICID and its partner International Organizations working in Africa are invited to nominate/sponsor professional(s) fulfilling the requirements as stated under Target Audience (Brochure and Nomination Form) latest by 31 January 2016. Generally only one candidate from each country or organization would be considered for financial support.


Hosted by


Regional Center for Training and Water Studies (RCTWS), Ministry of Water Resources and Irrigation




The training course will be held from 17-25 April 2016 in the Regional Centre for Training and Water Studies (RCTWS) located at 6th of October City about 25 km from Central Cairo. RCTWS is a UNESCO Regional Center for Training for Arid and Semi-Arid regions.



Dr M S Wahba, Vice Chair, RCTWS Fourth Industrial Zone, 6 October City P.O. Box 58 12566, EGYPT Tel.: (202) 38334676; Fax: (202)38334108, Email: mswahba@hotmail.com


Er H K Varma, Executive Director, ICID 48 Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri New Delhi 110 021, INDIA Email: icid@icid.org; Webpage: http://www.icid.org


Brochure and Nomination Form



International Course in Hydrology by Department of Hydrology of IITR

Fellowships Offered by Government of India


Fellowships are offered by Government of India for the following courses conducted by The Department of Hydrology (DoH) at The Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, (IITR) for the academic year 2015-16.

  1. Post Graduate Diploma in Hydrology (One Year Course)
  2. Master of Technology (M.Tech.) in Hydrology (Two Year Course)

Members of the National Committees of ICID are advised to avail this opportunity and encourage their colleagues to apply for these reputed courses. The interested candidates can apply through online http://doh.org.in/admissions/. The admission brochure which contains the application form (Annexure-2) and other details of the course can be downloaded from their website http://doh.org.in/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/DOHAddm.Broc_.2015Final.pdf

The last date for receipt of the application form in the prescribed format is 15 June 2015 at IITR.  Please note that the applications are to be processed through Indian Embassy in your country.

The Department of Hydrology (DoH) at the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee, (IITR) was established in 1972, and was the first to offer the International Post Graduate Course in Hydrology in a developing country. The courses, offered by the Department are presently sponsored by the Government of India, UNESCO and World Meteorological Organization (WMO).  The Department has nine dedicated full time faculty members having specializations in surface water hydrology (Floods, Droughts), water resources systems, watershed management, Geo-hydrology, ground water geophysics, stochastic hydrology, hydro-informatics,  environmental hydrology etc.  For more information about the Department of Hydrology, please visit www.doh.org.in






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Scholarship to Young Professionals for E-Learning Program

Effective operation, maintenance and management of irrigation systems, by adopting a user-cantered and user-driven approach, also known as Service Oriented Management of Irrigation Systems (SOMIS), is key to the sustainable agriculture water management. UNESCO-IHE offers the SOMIS online course in full distance learning mode spanning four months with a workload of 140 hours (8 hours a week on average). The course is sub-divided into 8 subjects and a paper assignment. The course has the objective to educate the participants about: Basic principles, significance, and concepts of Service Oriented Management of Irrigation Systems; Key activities and processes associated with service oriented management in real field situations; and Physical, economic, and institutional requisites for service oriented management.


ICID is happy to announce scholarship to two Young Professionals to participate in this e-Learning Program being organized by UNESCO-IHE from 01 Mar 2013 to 05 Jul 2013. The course is designed for mid-level irrigation professionals and water managers who are engaged or aspire to engage into sustainable, service-oriented, and participatory management of irrigation systems. Young Professionals, below the age of forty years from developing countries and countries in transition are advised to apply online before 01st February 2013. Further details of the course and the on line form is available on the web pages cited below.


After filling the form on-line, UNESCO-IHE will send a notification by email within 10 working days stating whether or not the application has been accepted. Upon receiving the notification of acceptance of the application from UNESCO-IHE, applicants should send a copy of the notification to ICID Central Office through the Chairman of the National Committee of ICID in his/her home country. The applicants will be intimated of the award of scholarship or otherwise by ICID Central Office. http://www.unesco-ihe.org/Education/Non-degree-Programmes/Online-courses/Service-Oriented-Management-for-Irrigation-Systems


ICID sponsored three Young Professionals [Mr. Esmaeel Bayat, Mr. Nima Najafi (Iran), and Mr. Krishna Prasad Rijal (Nepal)] to participate in the e-Learning Program being organized by UNESCO-IHE.




Bourses d'études CIID aux jeunes professionnels pour
l’étude électronique


Le fonctionnement, l'entretien et la gestion efficace des systèmes d'irrigation, en adoptant une approche centrée et axée sur l'usager en tant que la gestion axée sur les services des systèmes d'irrigation (SOMIS), font la base de la gestion durable de l’eau agricole. L’UNESCO-IHE propose le cours en ligne SOMIS de quatre mois par la méthode de téléenseignement avec une charge de travail de 140 heures (8 heures par semaine en moyenne). Le cours est divisé en 8 sujets et une dissertation. Il a pour but de sensibiliser les participants sur: les principes de base, l'importance et les concepts de la gestion axée sur les services des systèmes d'irrigation, les activités clés et les processus liés à la gestion axée sur les services dans les situations réelles sur le terrain, et les demandes physiques, économiques et institutionnelles nécessaires pour la gestion axée sur le service.


La CIID est heureux d'annoncer la bourse pour deux jeunes professionnels à participer à ce programme d’étude électronique organisé par l'UNESCO-IHE à partir du 1er mars 2013 au 5 juillet 2013. Ce cours est destiné aux professionnels du domaine d'irrigation et aux gestionnaires de l'eau de niveau intermédiaire qui sont engagés ou aspirent à s'engager à la gestion durable et participative, axée sur le service des systèmes d'irrigation. Les Jeunes professionnels, au-dessous de l'âge de 40 ans en provenance des pays en développement et des pays à l’économie en transition sont invités à soumettre leur candidature en ligne avant le 1er février 2013. Les détails concernant le cours et le formulaire en ligne sont disponibles sur le site web mentionnés ci-dessous.


Après avoir rempli le formulaire en ligne, l'UNESCO-IHE adressera une notification par email dans une période de 10 jours indiquant si la demande a été acceptée ou non. Après réception de la notification de l'acceptation de la demande par l'UNESCO-IHE, les candidats doivent envoyer une copie de la notification au Bureau Central CIID <icid@icid.org> par l'intermédiaire du Président du Comité national CIID de son pays d'origine. Le Bureau Central CIID donnera des informations aux candidats concernant la décision sur la bourse. http://www.unesco-ihe.org/Education/Non-degree-Programmes/Online-courses/Service-Oriented-Management-for-Irrigation-Systems


La CIID a sponsorisé trois jeunes professionnels [M. Esmaeel Bayat, M. Nima Najafi (Iran), et M. Krishna Prasad Rijal (Népal)] pour participer à ce programme d’étude électronique organisé par l'UNESCO-IHE.





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