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Webinar on National Water Account: An Australian Experience
Date: 18 July 2017, 14.30-15:30 hours (Indian Standard Time - IST)






National Water Account: Australian Experience (Speaker: Dr Amgad Elmahdi, Australia)


ICID, under its policy to extend its knowledge dissemination wider is initiating Webinar Services for its members and wider irrigation and drainage community in general. This is the Fifth Webinar being given under “ICID Webinar Services”. ICID has invited Dr. Amgad Elmahdi – Head of Water Resources Section, Bureau of Meteorology, Australia to speak on this important topic.


As competition for water resources intensifies, it is more important than ever to account for how water is distributed in a transparent and rigorous way. Water accounting is the systematic process of identifying, recognising, quantifying, reporting and assuring information about water, the rights or other claims to it, and the obligations against that water.


Australia has long been a place of climate variability, renowned as a land of drought and flooding rains. This contrast has never been more evident than over the past deacdes, when an extensive period of drought was followed by a record-breaking deluge that caused havoc in many regions.


The National Water Account is Australia’s most comprehensive water information report. It provides a picture of water resources management for the previous financial year for ten nationally significant water regions: Adelaide, Burdekin, Canberra, Daly, Melbourne, Murray–Darling Basin, Ord, Perth, South East Queensland and Sydney. It is a systematic process of identifying, recognising, quantifying, reporting, assuring and publishing information about water and people’s rights and obligations with respect to it. The National Water Account discloses information about water stores and flows, water rights and water use. It also reports on the volumes of water traded, extracted and managed for economic, social, cultural and environmental benefit.


The Water Act 2007 requires the Bureau of Meteorology to annually publish a National Water Account. It informs water resources planning, water market activity, investment decisions, environmental management decisions and community dialogue. Over time, the National Water Account has created a deep knowledge base from which to inform policies and management decisions to enhance the security of Australia’s water supply for all uses.



Speaker - Dr Amgad Elmahdi (Australia)

Dr. Amgad Elmahdi Dr. Elmahdi is the Head of Water Resources Section and a Senior Executive Manager with 22 years experiences in hydrology, water and natural resources management and water information management. 

Dr. Elmahdi has a wide experience, encompass operation, research, academic, and teaching on various aspects of integrated water resource and natural resources management :1) Water accounting and assessment, 2)Continental Water Resources modelling,3) Water Resources Engineering,4)Water Sustainability and system design,5) Urban water systems balance,6) Integrated water resources,7) River basin management,8) Natural Resources Management,9) Surface and groundwater decision support system-DSS,10) GIS and remote sensing applications in spatial hydrology,11) Multi-criteria analysis,12) Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and water information database, and 13) Natural Resources Management and Assessment. 

Currently, he is lead a multi-disciplinary teams/units responsible for delivering high profile organisational objectives [1) Water resources modelling,2) Groundwater,3) urban Water,4) Water Assessment and 5) Intensity Frequency Duration Rainfall ] to provide water information services across Australia using data collected by about 200 water management agencies and utilities. These services are a key element of water reforms to provide secure access to water, to address over allocation, and to provide efficient allocation of water through water markets, pricing and other means.

He is also a recognized International Water and Natural Resources Management Consultants. Dr. Elmahdi had been involved in several projects and feasibility studies for land and water management projects in many countries Egypt, Afghanistan, China and Australia.





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