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7824. Bore, Eagers, Hydraulic bore : 1- A wave of water having a nearly vertical front, such as a tidal wave, advancing upstream as the result of high tides in certain estuaries; a similar wave advancing downstream as the result of a cloud burst, or the sudden release of a large volume of water from a reservoir. The bore is analogous to the hydraulic jump and in that it represents the limiting condition of the surface curve wherein it tends to become perpendicular to the bed of the stream. Tidal waves are also termed `eagres`. 2 - A standing wave which advances upstream in an open conduit from a point where the flow has suddenly been stopped. The flowing water piles up in the channel against the obstruction that caused the stoppage, and as it reaches a height above the normal water surface, approximately its velocity head, the increased depth of water moves upstream in a wavelike shape-that is a `hydraulic bore`.3 - A tunnel, especially during its construction.

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