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young professionalsIn addition to learning from past experiences, includingmistakes, what definitely is required under the increasing complexities of supply, demand and uncertainties, is a breed of professionals that approach the irrigation and drainage issueswith a more open mindset to accept the multi-dimensional aspects of the sector and are willing to undertake their activities in an inter-disciplinary context. With these long-term objectives in view, ICID had established Working Group on Young Professionals Forum (WG-YPF) that provides an international platform for young engineers/scientists for their professional development in the subjects of irrigation, drainage, flood management and environment. The Forum provides an opportunity for young professionals to engage, network and share experiences.

Launch of ICID Young Professional e-Forum (IYPeF) on LinkedIn


The 65th International Executive Council (IEC) held at Gwangju in September 2014, approved establishing an ICID-Young Professional’s Forum (IYPeF) with open membership. In order to throw open ICID platform to all the Young Professionals interested in Agriculture Water Management issues, an ICID Young Professional e-Forum (IYPeF) as a new LinkedIn group (https://www.linkedin.com/groups/6990321) has been established.


IYPeF will not only acts as virtual meeting place but also a platform that would serve as a stepping stone into annual events of ICID that would provide opportunities to the budding professionals for interaction with the best professionals in irrigation and drainage sector, present papers, avail latest information and join technical working groups.

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Estd : 1993 - 2015



  • To provide an international platform for young irrigation and drainage professionals and to encourage and promote amongst the young professionals a high standard of professional development in the subjects of irrigation, drainage and environment.
  • To facilitate the development, acquisition and wider dissemination of knowledge and information about irrigation, drainage, flood control and environment amongst the young professionals.
  • To maintain and enhance links with national and international youth having interests in the related subjects or the activities relevant to ICID objectives.
  • To educate young professional about ICID's role, objectives, activities, structure, constitution and Bylaws.

Members: (1) Mr. Yaser Barghi, Chairman (Iran,  2010); (2) Ir. Fabian Priandani, Vice Chairman (Indonesia, 2010); (3) Ms. Hayati binti Zainal, Secretary (Malaysia, 2010); (4) Mr. Piyush Ranjan (India, 2009); (5) Mr. Gao Lihui (China, 2011); (6) Ms. Ezee G.C. (Nepal, 2012); (7) Dr. Atsushi Marui (Japan, 2013); (8) Ms. Pooja Kapoor - Direct Member (India, 2013); (9) Mr. Nam Joo Heo (Korea, 2014); and (10) Engr. Muhammad Ejaz Tanveer (Pakistan, 2014).


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