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3rd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

1-7 September 2019, Bali, Indonesia

Theme: Development for Water, Food and Nutrition Security in a Competitive Environment

WIF3 Background Papers: Sub-Theme 1Sub-Theme 2, and, Sub-Theme 3
SUB-THEME 1. Enabling Policy Environment for Water, Food and Energy Security
Topic 1.1 Sustainable water Resources management policy; integration of surface water and groundwater to ensure water sustainability for environment and ecosystem, to support water, food, and energy security
Topic 1.2 Sustainable development of small and large scale irrigation system, lowland development and management for food security policy within the framework of global climate change, land consolidation management, and land conversion protection
Topic 1.3 Improvement of irrigation water productivity policy including efficient and effective water use, financing aspect, incentive and disincentive system, capacity building including non-state actors, Utilize SMART irrigation management
SUB-THEME2. Role of Civil Society and Non-State Actors with Focus on Farmers and Extension Facilities
Topic 2.1 Performance of public irrigation extension services in strengthening the irrigation management institutions
Topic 2.2 The potential roles of non-government organizations, including private sector (NGOs) and civil societies in irrigated agriculture extension and advisory services including improvement of farmers livelihood (i.e. agricultural input, post-harvest technology, market chain, agro-based industry)
Topic 2.3 Promoting public-private-partnership and participation of WUA in the irrigation development and management for irrigation sustainability (i.e. to improve water efficiency and to reduce water conflict)
SUB-THEME 3. Improving Agricultural Water Productivity with Focus on Rural Transformation
Topic 3.1 Utilizing Information Communication Technology (ICT) and innovations for Improving water productivity and maximizing agriculture production including smallholder farmers and indigenous people
Topic 3.2 Optimizing value of water through integrated farming and market driven agriculture (i.e. labour per m3, revenue per m3, nutrition per m3 etc), enhancing value chain of irrigation water to promote social economic community transformation (i.e. multifunction use of irrigation water, etc.)
Topic 3.3 Financial scheme and access development for improving agricultural water productivity in alleviating poverty in rural area




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