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2nd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

6-8 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Main Theme: Water Management in a Changing World: Role of irrigation for Sustainable Food Production

Sub-theme 1.  Key issues of irrigation and drainage in balancing water, food, energy and ecology


Topic 1.2: Drivers of policy, institutional, organisational and financial innovations for better stakeholder participation in irrigation and drainage services

Paper No. Title of the Paper and Author
W.1.2.01 Integrating Agriculture and Groundwater in Participatory Foresight Analysis in Morocco
Nicolas Faysse, Issam Eddine Sellika, Jean-Daniel Rinaudo, and Mostafa Errahj (Morocco)
W.1.2.02 Water Resources Management and Public Policies for Irrigation Use in Brazil
Catariny Cabral Aleman, and Flávio Bastos Campos (Brazil)
W.1.2.03 Sustainable Irrigation Water Management for Improved WUE: Context of Indian National Water Policy
K. Yella Reddy, and L. Narayan Reddy (India)
W.1.2.04 Drivers of Policies and Strategies for Optimizing Irrigation Water Management in Iran
Mehrzad Ehsani, and Abbas Jangi Marani (Iran)
W.1.2.05 Transiting from Agriculture to Agribusiness – A Model for Inclusivity and Sustainability for Paddy Farmers
Mohd Adnan M.N., and Nasiruddin Abdullah (Malaysia)
W.1.2.06 Equitable Distribution of Water in Upper Godavari Sub Basin: A Case Study from Maharashtra
Suresh A. Kulkarni (India)
W.1.2.07 The Dilemma of Groundwater Conservation in Mexico
Luis F. Alcocer Espinosa, Galdino D. González Covarrubias, and Alejandro González Bernal (Mexico)
W.1.2.08 IWRM from Concept to Practice: Usefullness and Limitations in Manageing Flood-Based Farming Systems
Abu Obieda B. Ahmed, Abraham Haile Mehari, and Amira A. Mekawe (Sudan)
W.1.2.09 Ancient Chinese Irrigation Project Management and its Contemporary Enlightenment: A Case Study of Chatan Weir
Lihui Gao, Ning Chen, and Kunlun Ding
W.1.2.10 Paddy Field Area Consolidation for Saving Resources and for Better Yields in Sri Lankan Socio-Economic Context
G.M.C.A.Perera (Sri Lanka)
W.1.2.11 Role of Irrigation and Drainage in Sustainable Functioning of the Agricultural Sector in Ukraine
Y. Gadzalo, and P. Kovalenko (Ukraine)
W.1.2.12 The New Challenges and New Demands Faced by China’s Development of Irrigation and Drainage
Du Lijuan, and Liu Changshun (China)
W.1.2.13 Towards Improving Participatory Water Management and Information Management Tools Within Water Consumers Associations in Uzbekistan
Khilola Masharipova (The Netherlands)
W.1.2.14 The Southeastern Anatolian Project (GAP – RDA) Agricult-ural Training and Extension Project (GAP-TEYAP) Farmer Associations Centered Pluralistic Extension Model (1.4)
Mehmet Açıkgöz, Nusret Mutlu, and Celal Kaya, Fatih Bozgeyik, and Reşat KÜÇÜK
W.1.2.15 Africa Can Learn from the Irrigation Management Experiences of Japanese Land Improvement Districts/LIDs
Mekonnen B. Wakeyo, Oka Naoko, and N. Fujimoto (Ethiopia)
W.1.2.16 National and Global Censuses or Satellite-Based Estimates? Asia’s Irrigated Areas: In a Muddle
Ali Ajaz, Poolad Karimi, Charlotte de Fraiture, and Xueliang Cai (The Netherlands)
W.1.2.17 Tenant Collectives in the Eastern Gangetic Plains – A New Model for Bottom Up Irrigation and Land Management for Marginal Women Farmers
Fraser Sugden (Nepal)




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