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2nd World Irrigation Forum - Full Length Papers

6-8 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Main Theme: Water Management in a Changing World: Role of irrigation for Sustainable Food Production

Sub-theme 3.   Key and Smart Actions to Alleviate Hunger and Poverty through Irrigation and Drainage


Topic 3.1 Water and Climate Smart Approaches for Sustainable Smallholder Agriculture

Paper No. Title of the Paper and Author
W.3.1.01 Raising Water Productivity Levels and Ensuring Sustainability of Irrigation for High Water Using Crops
Oner Cetin, and Nese Uzen (Turkey)
W.3.1.02 Evaluation of Drip Irrigation and Fertigation Levels in Aerobic Rice for Higher Water Productivity
V. Ramulu, V. Praveen Rao, M. Uma Devi, K. Avil Kumar, and K. Radhika (India)
W.3.1.03 Demand-Side Water Management in Sugarcane Farming in India Through Farmers’ Behaviour Change: Experience from DSCL Sugar and OLAM
Richard Colback, Harsh Vivek, and Suparna Jain (India)

Climate Smart Land and Water Management for Sustainable Agriculture
Alok K Sikka, Adlul Islam, and K.V. Rao (India)

W.3.1.05 Performance of Surface and Subsurface Drip Fertigation on Yield and Water Use Efficieny of Sugarcane
R. Mahesh, N. Asoka Raja, and H.A. Archana (India)
W.3.1.06 An Optimized, Real Time Decision Support System for Basin Scale Irrigation Scheduling
Terry van Kalken, Craig Mackay, Nachi Nachiappan, Henrik Madsen, and AnneKatrine V. Falk (Malaysia)
W.3.1.07 Sensors for Water Monitoring for Improved On-Farm Water Management
K. Yella Reddy, L. Narayan Reddy, Sekhar Nagothu, and Sai Bhaskar Reddy Nakka (India)

Effect of Crop Establishment Techniques on Morphological and Yield Parameters in Aerobically Cultivated Rice
R. Sudarshani, S.Pathmarajah, and W.M.T.P. Ariyaratne (Sri Lanka)

W.3.1.09 Drip Irrigation Under Different Climatic Conditions on Sugarcane in China’s Guangxi Province
Guo Pan, Li Jianxin, Liang Meiying, and Tang Jianjun (China)
W.3.1.10 Uneven Irrigation and Economic Inequalities: Exploring the Connection
Ana Manero (Australia)
W.3.1.11 Scale Effect of Water Saving in a Rice-Based Irrigation System in Sanjiang Plain, Northeast China
CHEN Haorui1, GAO Zhanyi, WANG Shaoli, LIU Jing, ZHAO Yongqing, and YU Chengkun (China)
W.3.1.12 Capacity Building of Irrigation Association and Irrigation Water Requirements for Paddy in Taiwan
Sheng-Feng Kuo, and Chih-Hung Tan (Taiwan)

Water User Associations for Improved Agricultural Productivity in Tajikistan: Opportunities and Challenges
Soumya Balasubramanya, Marie-Charlotte Buisson, Sohrob Aslamy, Katherine MacDonald, Panchali Saikia, and Archisman Mitra (Sri Lanka)


Wastewater Irrigation Effect on Rice Yields in Musi River Command Area in India – A Case Study
K. Avil Kumar, M. Uma Devi, V. Praveen Rao, V. Ramulu, N. Narender, and Krishnaveni (India)


Water Saving Potential of System of Rice Intensification – Research Findings in India and its Impact
Mahender Kumar, Sudhakara. T. M., K. Surekha, Ch. Padmavathi, and V. Ravindra Babu (India)


Technology Smart Approach to Keep Drip Irrigation Systems Functional
Reinders Felix B., and Van Niekerk Adriaan S. (South Africa)

W.3.1.17 Artificial Intelligence Leading to Anlow-Cost Irrigation Management System
Thiago Alberto Cabral da Cruz, and Patricia Angélica Alves Marques (Brazil)

The Conceptual Framework of Climate-Smart Irrigation
Michael Davidson (USA)


Design Principles and Consideration for Solar Powered Micro Irrigation System
Dilip H Yewalekar, and Manisha Y. Kinge (India)




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