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Every three years the World Water Council (WWC) organizes a World Water Forum in close collaboration with the authorities of the host country. The World Water Forum is the largest international event in the field of water.


World Water Forum aims to:

  • Raise awareness with decision makers and the public at large on water issues and, subsequently, to generate action;
  • Contribute to improving access to water supply and sanitation and report on progress towards meeting the Millennium Development Goals;
  • Provide opportunities to progressively develop shared visions on challenging water issues, to develop new partnerships and to pave the way for cooperation and action among a wide diversity of organisations and individuals;
  • Encourage greater media attention for water issues and solutions


ICID at the 8th World Water Forum, 18-23 March 2018, Brasilia, Brazil {Forum Website]


7th World Water Forum, South Korea, 2015



6th World Water Forum, 12-17 March 2012, Marseille, France:

The main Theme was “Solutions for Water”. More than 30,000 participants from over 190 countries attended the Forum.

ICID jointly with the FAO organized some 12 sessions on Key Priority 2.2 Contribute to Food security by optimal use of water. The thought provoking speeches of high level political leaders – H.E. Chen Lei, China’s Minister of Water Resources, and H.E. Agatham Ag Alassane, Minister of Agriculture of Mali were the key attributes of the opening session of Theme 2.2.Theme 2.2 was debated by representatives of more than 27 stakeholder organizations including farmers representative, private sector companies, UN organizations, international institutes and NGOs. National Committees of France (AFEID), Japan (JNC-ICID), Iran (IRNCID), and China (CNCID) held their pavilions at the Forum. Japanese National Committee (JNC-ICID) organized a session where the Asian Regional Working Group’s Task Force report on “Climate Change Adaptation for Irrigation and Drainage in Asia” was released and distributed among delegates. 7th World Water Forum will be held in South Korea in 2015 and a MoU between AFEID and KCID was signed by the Chairs of the respective national committees in presence of President Gao Zhanyi and Secretary General Avinash Tyagi. [ Download Core Group Report (8.6 MB pdf) ]



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Download: Food Security by Optimal Use of Water - Synthesis of Theme 2.2 of WWF6 (2.62 MB pdf) ]



5th World Water Forum, 16-22 March 2009, Istanbul, Turkey

The main Theme was “Bridging divides for water” and Theme 2 concerned: Advancing human development and the millennium development goals (MDG). Over 30,000 participants from 182 countries took part in Forum and more than 400 organisations prepared together over 100 sessions organised according to 6 themes, 7 regional reports and 5 high-level panels.


Under this Theme there were four topics; one of these Topics was Topic 2.3: Water and food for ending poverty and hunger. ICID had the honour to be the coordinator of this topic. [ Download Synthesis Report of Topic 2.3 ].



4th World Water Forum, 16-22 March 2006,Mexico City, Mexico

The main Theme was “Local Actions for a Global Challenge”. Nearly 20,000 people from throughout the world participated in 206 working sessions, where a total of 1600 local actions were presented.

ICID together with other International Organizations and its National Committees had participated to contribute in the following sessions:

  • FT1.34 : Water Infrastructures for Sustainable and Equitable Development, 17 March 2006. This joint session was organized by IWRA, ICID, ICOLD, IHA, IAHR, IWA and supported by water industry and public utilities.
  • FT2.13 : IWRM as a Basis for Social and Economic Development in Central Asia, 18 March 2006. This exclusive session was organized by its Uzbekistan National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (UzNCID) – Interstate Coordinator Water Commission of Central Asia (ICWC).
  • FT4 : Water Management for Food and the Environment, 20 March 2006.  This most important Thematic Forum is organized by IWMI (Beacons) and ICID’s MXCID (Co-Beacons).
  • FT4.15 : Sustainable Paddy Water Use and its Multi-functionality with Better Governance (ICID-ASRWG-INWEPF), 20 March 2006. The session was organized by ASRWG of ICID partnering with INWEPF.
  • FT4.03 : Drain for Gain, 20 March 2006. This exclusive session on “Drain for Gain – Agricultural Drainage for Sustainable Development” was organized by Egyptian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (ENCID) together with Working Group on Drainage (WG-DRG).
  • FT4.20 : Capacity Development Strategies and Social Learning among Stakeholders for a Sustainable Irrigation and Drainage Sector, 20 March 2006.This exclusive session was organized by South African National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (SANCID).
  • FT4.21 :Adequation of Water users’ Rights and Productive Reconversion of Irrigation Districts, 20 March 2006. This exclusive session is organized by Mexican National Committee of ICID (MXCID) with the co-sponsorship from National Irrigation Users Association (ANUR).

[ Download Consolidated Paper ].



3rd World Water Forum, 16-23 March 2003, Kyoto, Japan

The main Theme was “A Forum with a Difference”. The 3rd World Water Forum offered 351 sessions under 38 themes. New concepts were introduced such as a Virtual Water Forum, which consisted of about 166 interactive sessions available through Internet, and the Water Voices Project, where 27,000 opinions of ordinary citizens were collected from 142 countries.

ICID in collaboration with FAO and Japanese National Committee (JNC-ICID), coordinated the Theme 1-10 on Agriculture, Food and Water which planned 17 different sessions. At the opening session Dato’ Ir. Hj. Keizrul bin Abdullah, President, ICID, talked on “Looking beyond the Canal: the challenges of irrigated agriculture in the 21st Century”. A session on “Water for food and rural development: Integrated water resources development for ensuring food sufficiency and security” was organized successfully. Working Group on History of Irrigation, Drainage and Flood Control (WG-HIST) organized a two-day session on “History of water – Lessons to learn”. The Japanese National Committee (JNC-ICID) organized a session on “Water for food and rural development: Multifunctional roles of paddy field irrigation in the Asia monsoon regions”.



2nd World Water Forum, 17-22 March 2000, The Hague, The Netherlands

The main Theme was “From Vision to Action”. This Forum generated much debate on the World Water Vision and the associated Framework for Action, dealing with the state and ownership of water resources, their development potential, management and financing models, and their impact on poverty, social, cultural and economic development and the environment.

A proposal to prepare an ICID "Strategy for Implementation of Sector Vision", based on the discussion in the Task Force set up for the purpose, was vetted in the Permanent Committee forStrategy Planning and Organisational Affairs (PCSPOA) and the Permanent Committee for Technical Activities (PCTA), among others through the preparation of 41 Country Position Paper sand the hosting of regional meetings in the Americas, Europe, South Asia and South-East Asia. The draft strategy was presented by the President ICID during the subject session at The Hague Forum. This publication comprising the "Draft Strategy" and the Country Position Papers was released at that time, when very useful discussions took place during the session. During the Forum, discussions relevant to ICID concerns were held in several other sessions as well.



1st World Water Forum, 21-23 March 1997, Marrakech, Morocco

The main Theme was “Vision for Water, Life and the Environment in the 21st Century” and Sessions included: (i) Perspectives on World Water; (ii) On the Road toward a Long-term Vision for World Water; (iii) The Challenges of the 21st Century; (iv) Celebration of World Water Day.


ICID actively participated in the 1st World Water Forum and contributed in various sessions.




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