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Multilingual Technical Dictionary (MTD) on Irrigation and Drainage

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No separate French search interface is provided. However, French hyperlink will provide only French terms.

The online version of the Multilingual Technical Dictionary (MTD) is based on the 5th edition released in 2009 in DVD format. This version includes 9370 technical terms

with matching English and French translation.


The DVD version also includes terms collected in Chinese, Japanese and Russian languages with the active support received from respective National Committees. However, full integration with online version has not taken place due to difference in available translation editions/ versions.


National Committees of Iran, China, Japan, Russia, Korea, and India are working on the translation/ updation part to match the present online version.



The Multilingual Technical Dictionary (MTD) of all technical terms related to irrigation, drainage, flood management, environment, river training and allied disciplines (see contents below)is a flagship publication of the ICID. First published in English and French languages in 1967, the 4th edition of the MTD (English-French) was brought out on CD-ROM in the year 2002. Current 5th edition defines 9370 technical terms in Chinese, Japanese and Russian, besides English and French.


The MTD brings coherence in sharing and exchange of experiences and has proved to be highly useful for engineers, researchers, students, professionals, planners, designers, academics and all others related with the field of irrigation and drainage. Any term definition can be printed/copied with option to download/updates terms from ICID website.



The DVD version of the Multilingual Technical Dictionary (MTD) is made available for download through 'Members only' section. After installation, please Download MTD 2.0a Update Patch (2002 version) and update the required files as suggested in the Patch before running the application.


MTD 2.0a  Update Patch

This update is for the users of MTD 2.0 who are working on a French Windows Operating System.

Please download the .jar file (icidmtd.jar [126 KB]) and replace the existing file installed in your C:\Program Files\icid-mtd\lib folder.

C:\Program Files\ICID-MTD\LIB



Key Highlights: Contents:
  1. 9370 terms defined;
  2. 550 hyperlinked illustrations;
  3. User-friendly interface;
  4. Online updation capability through download option;
  5. Search from keywords/chapters/topics/text;
  6. Option for language selection;
  7. Option for printing/copying terms; and
  8. Option to display English-French terms on single screen.
(1) General (statistics, units etc.);
(2) Hydrology;
(3) River hydraulics;
(4) Reclamation;
(5) Head works;
(6) Design of irrigation canals;
(7) Canal structures;
(8) Project water management;
(9) Wells and drilling;
(10) Pumping stations (lifting devices);
(11)Irrigation systems and distribution of irrigation waters;
(12) On-farm water management;
(13) Design and construction of drainage systems;
(14) Construction materials;
(15) Construction techniques and equipment;
(16) Automation in irrigation, drainage and flood control systems;
(17) Operation, maintenance and management;
(18) Soil and water conservation;
(19) Environmental impacts;
(20) Flood control;
(21) Computer technology;
(22) Systems analysis;
(23) Hydraulic research;
(24) Project planning; and
(25) Climate change.






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