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WatSave Award 2015

The major challenge facing irrigated agriculture today is producing more food using less water per unit of output i.e. increasing water productivity in both, irrigated and rainfed agriculture. This goal will only be achieved if the appropriate water saving technologies, management tools, and policies are in place. All those involved in irrigation water management – managers, farmers, workers need to be encouraged and guided, through appropriate policies and incentives, to save/ conserve water and to minimize wastages to mitigate negative environmental impacts.

Recognizing the need to encourage innovations in irrigation and drainage, ICID instituted WatSave Annual Award(s) in 1997 and are presented each year to recognize outstanding contributions to water conservation or water saving in agriculture. The Awards given to individuals or a team of individuals are made in respect of actual realized savings and not for promising research results, plans and/or good ideas/intentions to save water.


Nominations for the awards are received through the National Committees of ICID through a call sent out around the beginning of every calendar year. The award consists of an honorarium and a Citation.



Categories of the Award(s)


WatSave Technology Award


This award is presented to promote and encourage the best technological applications or projects which have been successful in saving water.


WatSave Innovative Water Management Award


This award is presented for promoting non-technological interventions and/or innovative land and water management/techniques for increasing the availability of water for different uses; Promoting research that leads to substantial savings in water applications or uses; or Promoting development of new policies/approaches for water saving leading to cost effective and beneficial use of water.


WatSave Young Professionals Award


This award is presented for promoting water saving technologies, innovative water management practices, original research leading to substantial water saving/ conservation etc. by young professionals (below 40 years).


WatSave Farmer Award


The WatSave Farmer Award is given to a farmer(s) for proven water saving success story to promote successful water conservation.



Winners of WatSave Awards 2016

The WatSave Awards are presented to promote and encourage the best technological applications or projects which have been successful in saving water. The International Panel of Judges of WatSave Awards 2016 headed by PH Dr. Gao Zhany has adjudged winners as:


Technology Award
Winner of Technology Award 2016



Prof. Li Jiusheng (China)


For his work on "“Innovation and Extension of Sprinkler and Micro Irrigation Technologies in China”.





Innovative Water Management Award 

Winner of Innovative Water Management Award 2016Winner of Innovative Water Management Award 2016



Mr. Va-Son Boonkird and Dr. Watchara Suiadee (Thailand)


For their work on “Innovation, Implementation and Extension of the Water Saving Integrated Smart Farming – AWDI Technique in Thailand”




Young Professional

Winner of Young Professional Award 2016



Dr. Mohamed El-Hagarey (Egypt)


For his work on “Save Irrigation Water Using the Innovative Machine of Soil and Water Management for Rice Crop Cultivation (SWMR)”.






Farmer Award

Winner of Farmers Award 2016 Winner of Farmers Award 2016Winner of Farmers Award 2016

Mr. Chandra Shekhar H. Bhadsavle, Mr. Changdev K. Nirguda and Mr. Anil D. Nivalkar (India)


For their work on  “Sanguna Rice Technique – Zero Till, Conservation Agriculture”


Congratulations to the Winners!



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