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MicroMicro irrigation (drip/ trickle or localized irrigation) was introduced on commercial scale in the world sometime in seventies. Micro irrigation is the most efficient method of water application to crops; however, owing to its technicalities involved in design, operation and maintenance, the pace of its adoption was rather slow. In order to promote the use of micro irrigation on large-scale, irrigation community worldwide, especially in developed countries launched the hosting of International Micro Irrigation Congress commencing from the year 1971. Subsequently, ICID volunteered to organize the event commencing from 5th International Micro Irrigation Congress held at South Africa in 2000 with an objective of creating awareness among its members about latest developments in micro irrigation technology to enhance crop production. Since 2012 the event will be renamed as International Micro Irrigation Symposium.


Place and Country
16-18 January 2019

Aurangabad, India

9th International Micro Irrigation Conference on the theme "Micro Irrigation in Modern Agriculture”, 16-18 January 2019, Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

Contact: INCSW Secretariat,
Central Water Commission (CWC)
Room No. 2, First Floor, Wing-4
West Block-1, R K Puram, New Delhi -110066, India
Phone +91-11-29583435 / +91-11-29583842

Website: http://micro-irrigation2019.com/


For specific queries, please email:
Traveldesk : traveldesk@micro-irrigation2019.com
Papers : papers@micro-irrigation2019.com
Exhibition : exhibition@micro-irrigation2019.com
Sponsor : sponsor@micro-irrigation2019.com
Program Committee : pc@micro-irrigation2019.com
For emergent requirements, please email admin : admin@micro-irrigation2019.com


Previous Micro-Irrigation Congresses

[*Approved the renaming of 'INTERNATIONAL MICRO IRRIGATION CONFERENCE (IMIC)" instead of 'INTERNATIONAL MICRO IRRIGATION SYMPOSIUM (IMIS)" at the 66th IEC meeting, Montpellier, France, 2015 (vide IEC Resolution - 3/66)]



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