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Using System Rice Intensification to
Increase Water Productivity in Nile Delta, Egypt

Date: 13 June 2018, Wednesday, 12:30-13:30 hours (Indian Standard Time - IST)




Using System Rice Intensification to Increase Water Productivity in Nile Delta, Egypt [Speakers: Dr. Arnulfo Gonzalez-Meza (Egypt), and Ms. Sabah Khalifa (Egypt)]


Young Professional Series Live Recordings of

ICID Young Professional E-forum (IYPeF) will be organizing a series of four webinars in 2018 as per their mandate during the period Apr-July 2018. The webinars to be given under ‘Young Professional series’ will aim to promote active participation and generate wider knowledge dissemination to bring a common understanding among the young professionals in the irrigation and drainage sector, particularly Agriculture Water Management (AWM).




About 15 years ago, the System of Rice Intensification (SRI) was proposed as an integrated and agro-ecologically sound approach to rice cultivation. Main benefits of SRI are improved rice yields, reduced water use and lower costs in irrigated rice systems. By giving 'more crop per drop,' SRI can ease the agricultural demand for water, and by diminishing reliance on agrochemical inputs, it reduces production costs and can improve water quality and soil health. Obviously, the perceived benefits of SRI are appealing within the context of rice production in Egypt.

System of Rice Intensification: The Enhanced Water Resources Management Project (EWRMP) was designed to develop synergy among on-going water-sector projects. One of the activities was focused at demonstrating and testing SRI through establishing participatory on-farm trials. The objectives of these demo trials were fivefold: (i) Introduce the concept of SRI to farmers; (ii) Experiment with SRI principles; (iii) Apply principles of SRI with farmers; (iv) Demonstrate significant effects of SRI principles, both from an agronomic and economic perspective; (v) Raise awareness of farmers in general to adopt SRI. The webinar on the above topic will aim to highlight and summarize the main characteristics of the conventional rice technology and the major changes that have already happened or are happening as part of dealing with a new technology.



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Speaker 1- Dr. Arnulfo Gonzalez-Meza (Egypt)

Dr. Arnulfo Gonzalez-Meza holds a Ph.D in Biological and Irrigation Engineering from the Utah State University and M.Sc. in Management of Soil & Water Resources from the Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mexico, as well as B.Sc. in Agricultural Engineering from the UAAAN, Mexico. He worked as a Team leader in several projects and has extensive overseas experience including Africa, Middle East, South Asia, the Caribbean and North, South and Central America. Dr. Gonzalez has experience of working with rural infrastructure, water planning and development projects (with IWRM approach), horticultural crops, and climate-change. Additionally, he worked as a consultant in projects developed by federal and local government entities/FAO/IISD (International Institute for Sustainable Development)/UNDP/Organization of American States (OEA)/USAID/ German Agency for International Cooperation (GTZ)/Canadian International Development Agency CIDA)/Non-Governmental Organization (OXFAM - Quebec).

Dr. Gonzalez has excellent understanding of aspects related to IWRM, hydrology, environmental impact studies, agricultural diversification, water scarcity, irrigation development, multi-cropping production systems for low-income indigenous producers, promoting exports of vegetables produced under greenhouses and commercial evaluation of biological products.

Speaker 2 - Ms. Sabah Khalifa (Egypt)

Ms. Sabah Khalifa (Social and Community Mobilization Expert) has more than 20 years of hands on experiences in social and community development. She conducted various social assessments and stakeholders' analysis of rural communities in Upper Egypt and the Delta area through various international projects with water sector in Egypt. Ms. Sabah is working for Institute of Cultural Affairs- Middle East and North Africa (ICA-MENA)” as Regional Director. She has 24 Years’ of experience in the field of development, she started with Capacity building, Women enhancement, Gender and Health areas, next she was promoted in different organizational positions in management starting with ICA Beni-Suef Branch Manager (Upper Egypt) till present position. Throughout the past 24 years, she gained a lot of experiences that are crystallized into being a Regional Director / ICA International's Leadership team member/ Master Trainer and facilitator for citizen Engagement and community mobilization using the Technology of Participation approach.




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