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Geospatial Technologies for Improved Irrigation and Drainage

Date: 23 April 2018, 12:30-13:30 hours (Indian Standard Time - IST)

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Young Professional Series Live Recordings of

ICID Young Professional E-forum (IYPeF) will be organizing a series of four webinars in 2018 as per their mandate during the period Apr-July 2018. The webinars to be given under ‘Young Professional series’ will aim to promote active participation and generate wider knowledge dissemination to bring a common understanding among the young professionals in the irrigation and drainage sector, particularly Agriculture Water Management (AWM).



UN estimates that the world's population is growing by 80 million people a year and expected to reach 9 billion by 2050. Population growth, urbanization, industrialization and increased production and consumption have all generated an ever‐increasing need for fresh water. By 2030, the world is predicted to face a 40% global water deficit.Improvising the irrigation and drainage techniques and taking steps towards building a reliable and suitable irrigation management can result in vast improvements in agricultural production and assure the economic vitality of the sector.


Role of Geospatial Technologies

Agriculture is the largest business sector in terms of rural livelihoods in many developing countries and it is highly driven by technologies and tools such as satellite imageries, aerial imageries, GIS, GNSS/GPS, automated sensors, high tech machineries and high-resolution data. The ultimate purpose of all such technologies is bringing about optimization and precision to efficiently produce various crops. Remote sensing and GIS are considered as effective tools for irrigation management. Their capabilities to collect data, visualize and analyse the information across space and time would help manage the entire irrigation system. They play a vital role in mapping, land use planning, precise water distribution and management. With the rapid advances in the geospatial technologies coupled with the use of Information and Communication (ICT) tools, the water agencies, researchers and users are able to take effective measures and make efforts for stimulating irrigation management. Through understanding the scenario globally, the situation demands for a collaborative effort by us in the management of the natural resources.


Save Irrigation Water Using the Innovative Machine of Soil and Water Management for Rice Crop Cultivation (SWMR), 3 April 2018
المحاسبة المائية / Water Accounting (5 September 2017), Dr.Yasir A. Mohamed

Seminario web sobre El Marco de Contabilidad de Agua WA+ para la Gestión de Recursos Hídricos (25 July 2017), Dr. Gonzalo E. Espinoza (UNESCO-IHE)

National Water Account: An Australian Experience (18 July 2017), Dr Amgad Elmahdi (Australia)

Planning for Irrigation Modernization – The MASSCOTE Approach

(5 July 2017), Dr. Robina Wahaj, FAO, Mr. Giovanni Munoz , Ex FAO Staff

Practical Benchmarking for Improving Performance of  Irrigation and Drainage Schemes (7 June 2017), Dr. Martin Burton (UK), Dr. Sanjay Belsare (India)

Water Accounting and Audit (3 April 2017), Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen (The Netherlands), and Ms. Yasmin Siddiqi (ADB)
Water Use Efficiency (1 March 2017), Er. Felix Reinders (South Africa), and Dr. Chris Perry (UK)



Speaker - Ms. Jyotsana Chuchra (India)

Ms. Jyotsana Chuchra is working as Project Manager with ICONEX Exhibitions Pvt Ltd. She is a skilled and accomplished technology professional with around 6 years of global working experience in various business domains with the use of Geospatial and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). Her expertise are in user segments like agriculture, natural resources, climate, water, forestry and environment. She is associated with large number of geospatial stakeholders across the globe and regularly interacts with industry leaders and technology users on several assignments for development of communities through awareness and introduction of innovative technology in many countries like India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Philippines, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Netherland, Germany, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Ethiopia. She has working experience with organizations such as Indian Agriculture Research Institute (IARI) and Indian Remote Sensing Institute (ISRO).




Past ICID Webinars
8. Save Irrigation Water Using the Innovative Machine of Soil and Water Management for Rice Crop Cultivation (SWMR) Dr. Mohamed E. El-Hagarey 3 April 2018
7. المحاسبة المائية / Water Accounting Dr.Yasir A. Mohamed 5 September 2017
6. Seminario web sobre El Marco de Contabilidad de Agua WA+ para la Gestión de Recursos Hídricos Dr. Gonzalo E. Espinoza 25 July 2017
5. National Water Account: Australian Experience Dr Amgad Elmahdi 18 July 2017
4. Planning for Irrigation Modernization – The MASSCOTE Approach Dr. Robina Wahaj, FAO 5 July 2017
3.Practical Benchmarking for Improving Performance of Irrigation and Drainage Schemes Dr. Martin Burton 7 June 2017
2. Water Accounting and Audit Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen 3 April 2017
1.Water Use Efficiency Er. Felix Reinders and Dr. Chris Perry 1 March 2017


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