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Water Use Efficiency
Date: Wednesday, 1 March 2017
Time: 14:00 – 15:00 hours (Indian Standard Time GMT +05:30)
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Irrigation is widely accused of being a wasteful, low-value use of water. There is widespread confusion in the literature about what constitutes ‘‘water use’’ or what is “Water Use Efficiency”. The distinction between diversion and consumption of water is often overlooked. Water Use Efficiency, in the context of irrigation, is frequently interchanged with irrigation efficiency, or is often misquoted. The water balance approach, within defined boundaries, or across different levels of irrigation systems is crucial to assess performance of the systems within the Water Management Area. The fraction of the water abstracted from the source that can be utilised by the plant, can be called the beneficial water use component and optimised irrigation water supply is therefore aimed at maximising this component. “Measure; assess; evaluate; improve”, promotes an investigative water balance approach to improve water use efficiency.


ICID, under its policy to extend its knowledge dissemination wider, is initiating Webinar Services for its members in particular and wider irrigation and drainage community in general. This is the First Webinar being given under “ICID Webinar Services”, to bring a common understanding on the term “Water Use Efficiency” among the water policy makers, irrigation managers and wider water research community.



VPH Reinders

Er. Felix Reinders, a Professional Engineer, registered with the Engineering Council of South Africa, will be delivering the webinar. With vast experience in Irrigation and Drainage Engineering at the Agricultural Research Council’s Institute for Agricultural Engineering, Mr Felix plays a pivotal role especially in the co-ordination of irrigation engineering research, development, testing, design and training, and mentoring.

With his experience in the irrigation field and as former Chairperson of the South African National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, he will present the South African experiences on the subject. At present, he serves on several International Committees and is Honorary Vice President of ICID and the force behind the Working Group for On-Farm Irrigation Systems. He is also the past President of the South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers and the South African Irrigation Institute


VPH Reinders



Dr. Chris Perry worked for the World Bank on irrigation and water resources projects for more than 20 years; and was subsequently head of research at the International Water Management Institute (IWMI).  After retiring, has worked as a consultant for bilateral, multilateral donors, and was Editor in Chief of Agricultural Water Management Journal for five years.


ICID Webinar Schedule (Tentative)
1. Water Use Efficiency VPH F. Reinders and Dr. Chris Perry 1 March 2017
2. Water Accounting and Audit Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen 3 April 2017
3. Bench-marking Dr. Martin Burton June 2017
4. MASSCOTE FAO (Dr. Robina Wahaj) 5 July 2017
5. Moderni-sation Approach VP Mr. Ian W Makin August 2017
6. Sustainable Development Goals
Mr. Avinash C Tyagi 15 September 2017


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