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13th International Drainage Workshop - Highlights

4-7 March 2017, Ahwaz City, Iran


President Dr. Nairizi addressing 13 IDW No matter how efficiently our crops are watered, sooner or later we need to have a well-functioning drainage system for complete in-field water management. Damaging impacts of drainage water disposal resulting in pollution of water sources have always been of great concern. ICID has been organizing International Drainage Workshops since 1983 when the main emphasis was on ‘Land Drainage’ design and construction. The emphasis moved on to ‘Modern Drainage’ where the concerns about disposal of the drainage water and the ways and means to reduce environmental adverse impacts were given a priority.


13th International Drainage Workshop (IDW-13) has moved the agenda ‘Beyond modern land drainage’, which includes various approaches to assessment, prevention of waterlogging and salinity problems, considers the water-food-energy nexus approach and gives due attention to ecological considerations for more sustainable results. The holistic approach to drainage that includes steps to successful stakeholder involvement from beginning to end, from farm to fork and from minister to manager.


13th IDW participants

Modern Land Drainage implies making drainage environmentally sustainable which includes enhanced water balance assessments at regional and field scale, prevent excess water except for leaching salts, support ecological water requirements, and then if any access water remains design a drainage system. It ensures that the less water is mobilised through our agricultural lands, the better the quality of water will remain.


The theme Drainage and Environmental Sustainability enabled issues related to environmental concerns of drainage, addressing its design, implementation and management duly factorizing these concerns. It requires management of not only the drainage water quality but also its volume. Hence, the workshop considered:

  • Measures to improve drainage water quality;
  • Measures to lower volume of drainage water.
  • Adaption of new design criteria in favour of the environment;
  • Application of alternative drainage methods.

In addition, papers were presented on Drainage Modelling, Drainage Material and Special Issues related to Drainage.
The IDW-13 was attended by some 700 delegates from 23 countries. In all 36 papers were presented with 27 poster presentation. The theme was supporte
d by rich discussions during the round table on “Alternative Drainage Methods” moderated by VPH Dr. Willem Vlotman, ex-Chair WG on Drainage and attended by VPH Dr. Ragab Ragab, Dr. Momen, VP Dr. Mohammed Wahaba, Dr Parsinejad, Mr Mojtaba Akram, Dr Abdulmajid Liuaghat, and Dr Koupaie. Another roundtable on “Drainage Water Reuse” was moderated by Prof Reisberk, with participation from Dr Ali Madani, Dr Ritjema, President Hon. Prof Bart Schultz, and Dr. Kharsandi also supported the theme.

Six keynote addresses on “Beyond Modern Land Drainage” by Dr Willem Vlotman; and “Agriculture water management and food security in a sustainable environment” by Prof Bart Schultz; “Drainage management for crop production and water quality benefits” by Dr Ali Mardin; “Improving irrigation and drainage efficiency using eddy covariance, Scintillometry, and COSMOS technologies” by Ragab Ragab; “Transport of viruses and colloids in partially-saturated soil and groundwater” by Seyed Majid Hassanijadeh; and “Value Engineering for unbiased irrigation and drainage projects” by Kamran Imami added to the path towards environmentally sustainable drainage.


Abstract of Papers for the 13th International Drainage Workshop for download

— Proceedings of the 13th International Drainage Workshop for download

Glimpses of the Event

— Website:http://idw13.org





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