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6-18 January 2019 Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India

9th International Micro Irrigation Conference, 16-18 January 2019, Aurangabad, India on the Theme: Micro irrigation for Modern Agriculture and four sub-themes: (i) Micro Irrigation Design,Innovations, and New Techniques for increased Crop Productivity; (ii) Micro Irrigation fund and Government support through Micro Irrigation; (iii) Micro Irrigation for Cluster Level Farming & small farm holders; and (iv) Operation & Maintenance Services and Capacity Development for the Micro Irrigation Systems.

15-23 October 2011

Tehran, Iran

8th International Micro Irrigation Congress

Theme: Innovation in Technology and Management of Micro-Irrigation for Crop Production Enhancement

13-15 September 2006

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

7th International Micro Irrigation Congress

Theme: Advances in Micro Irrigation for Optimum Crop Production and Resource Conservation

22-27 October 2000 

Capetown, South Africa

*6th International Micro Irrigation Congress, 22-27 October 2000, Capetown, South Africa
Theme: Micro-Irrigation Technology for Developing Agriculture

2-6 April 1995

Orlando, Florida, USA

5th International Micro Irrigation Congress, 2-6 April 1995, Orlando, Florida, USA

Theme: Microirrigation for a Changing World: Conserving Resources / Preserving the Environment

23-28 October 1988

Albury - Wodonga, Australia

4th International Micro Irrigation Congress


18-21 November 1985

Fresno, California, USA

3rd International Micro Irrigation Congress


7-14 July 1974

San Diego, California, USA

2nd International Micro Irrigation Congress


6-13 September 1971

Tel Aviv , Israel

1st International Micro Irrigation Congress


[*Approved the renaming of 'INTERNATIONAL MICRO IRRIGATION CONFERENCE (IMIC)" instead of 'INTERNATIONAL MICRO IRRIGATION SYMPOSIUM (IMIS)" at the 66th IEC meeting, Montpellier, France, 2015 (vide IEC Resolution - 3/66)]

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