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DrainagePresently, about 300 million ha are irrigated worldwide. However, in many countries owing to inefficient management of irrigation schemes and excess application of water to crops about 11% of the world’s irrigated area is suffering from salinization and about 60-80 million hectares are affected to some extent waterlogging/salinity. Waterlogged and saline lands can be reclaimed using network of surface and subsurface drainage systems. In drainage excess water is removed both from surface and subsurface so as to maintain an adequate balance of air-water ratio in the root zone of a soil.Corrugated and perforated plastic pipes are most commonly used as subsurface drainage systems. Bio-drainage is also used in some countries for land reclamation. Drainage systems are not only provided in irrigated areas but also in rainfed areas of humid and sub-humid countries. Agricultural drainage is one of the core activity areas of ICID. The Working Group on Drainage (WG-DRG) - now Working Group on Sustainable Drainage (WG-SDG) has been functional since three decades. The group has brought out some valuable publications, organized series of international workshops, participating and contributing ICID’s views in various international fora and liaising with other international organizations involved in promoting agricultural drainage. Recently the WG has initiated a statistical compilation of "World drained area”. With the available data it is found that worldwide only about 13.3% of the arable and permanent cropped land has drainage provisions. Data compiled in respect of 98 countries so far is being verified and refined further. The European Work Team on Drainage (EWT-DRA) covers among others: (a) analysis of existing drainage and lowland management experiences, (b) the new approaches for monitoring of the technical and ecological status of the drainage systems, (c) strategies for drainage systems and lowland management etc.


Estd : 1983



Concluded at the 64th IEC meeting, Mardin, 2013.

Working Group on Drainage Construction (1983-1995) Renamed Working Group on Drainage (WG-DRG) (1995)