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IRRIGATION SYSTEMS (WG-MIS) - Concluded in 2012

ModernizationAbout two-third of recent international financing for irrigation and drainage and almost all World Bank lending in the sector in the last decade has been for rehabilitation and upgrading of large-scale irrigation infrastructure. Much of this investment has addressed the huge backlog in deferred maintenance and repairs, supported by related reforms in institutions and management. Moving further; ICID felt the need to focus on modernizing irrigation services as this was one of the lacunas in many developing countries. Modernization of service through upgrading existing infrastructure is a challenging technical and institutional problem. New solutions are needed, based on new management options and widely available technologies. In order to provide a continuing focus for sustainable improvement of irrigation service delivery through progressive modernization of infrastructure, management and institutions, ICID established the Working Group on Modernization of Irrigation Systems (WG-MIS). The WG is concerned with the lack of progress on modernization of services relative to the focus on improving the infrastructure elements of the irrigation system. The group closely works with FAO and other international organizations in developing and promoting strategies and tools like ‘Benchmarking’ and ‘MASSCOTE’ to monitor and evaluate performance of irrigation schemes.



Estd : 2007

: To provide a continuing focus in ICID for sustainable improvement of irrigation service delivery through progressive modernization of infrastructure, management and institutions.

Members: (1) Dr. Maurits Ertsen, Chairman, 2007 (The Netherlands, 2007); (2) Mr. Francois Brelle, Vice Chairman (France, 2007); (3) Ian Moorhouse, Secretary (Australia, 2010); (4) Mr. Lee, Tsong-Hwei (Chinese Taipei, 2007); (5) Mr. Thomas E. Mitchel (USA, 2007); (6) Dr. Jiesheng Huang (China, 2007); (7) Mr. Ian William Makin (UK, 2008); (8) Mr. Sezar Ercan (Turkey, 2008); (9) Dr. Ashwani Kumar (India, 2008); (10) Ms. Marina Pintar (Slovenia, 2008); (11) Dr.Masayoshi Satoh (Japan, 2008); (12) Dr. Lee, Yong-Jig (Korea, 2008); (13) Dr. Jose M. Garcia-Asensio (Spain, 2008); (14) Mr. Andre Roux (South Africa, 2008); (15) Engr. Syed Mansoob Ali Zaidi (Pakistan, 2009); (16) Mr. Mehrzad Ehsani (Iran, 2011); (17) Mr. Mohammud Yazd bin Abdullah (Malaysia, 2011); and (18) Secretary General, ICID.


Permanent observers: (i) FAO Representative; (ii) IPTRID Representative; (iii) PH Peter S. Lee (UK); and (iv) Mr. H. Plusquellec (USA/France).

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WORKING GROUP ON DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF IRRIGATION SYSTEMS (WG-DMIS) Concluded at 57th IEC meeting, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, September 2006 


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Workshop on Benchmarking and Quality Control of Services Provided by Irrigation and Drainage Systems, 2003, Montpellier, France. [Papers presented]