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Rising energy prices, geopolitics and concerns over the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on climate change are increasing the demand for biofuel production. Over the last two decades, biofuel production has increased dramatically. For example, bioethanol output experienced an increase from 16.9 to 72.0 billion liters while biodiesel grew from 0.8 to 14.7 billion liters between 2000 and 2009. At present biofuel production is estimated at 35 billion liters, accounting only for a small part (2%) of the 1200 billion liters of annual gasoline consumption worldwide. But the contribution of biofuels to energy supply is expected to grow fast with beneficial impacts including reductions in greenhouse gasses, improved energy security and new income sources for farmers. However, biofuel production and use have both positive and negative environmental and socio-economic consequences. Specifically, biomass production for energy will compete with food crops for scarce land and water resources, which is already a major constraint on agricultural production in many parts of the world.


Estd : 2016


To collect, analyze, and disseminate information on new developments and to formulate recommendations with respect to:

  1. the assessment, monitoring and predictions of impacts of biofuel production and usage policies on water-food-energy nexus and especially agriculture water management,
  2. the national policies for biofuel and its consideration for water-food-energy nexus and especially agricultural water management in different countries,
  3. the strategies which agriculture and irrigation authorities can adopt to support biofuel promotion policies of their government,
  4. the international dialogue on biofuel and agricultural water management between regions and countries.
Sl. No.
Name Country Membership
Dr. Fuqiang Tian China (2012) Chair  (2015)
Mr. Sanjay Belsare  India -2010
VPH Laurie C. Tollefson  Canada -2012
Mr. Uttam Raj Timilsina Nepal -2012
Mr. Mortaza Yazdkhasti  Iran -2015
Mr. André Roux  South Africa -2015
Mr. Bassam Hayek  Jordan Observer (2015) 
Dr. Salih Hamad Hamid Omer Sudan -2016
Mr. Rajiv Kumar India Provisional Member (2016) 
Mrs. Ruaa Khalid Hamdan  Iraq Provisional Member (2016)

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Established new Working Group on Water for Bio-Fuel and Food (WG-BIO-FUEL). Approved at 67th IEC Meeting, 8-12 November 2016, Chiang Mai, Thailand




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