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International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID), as an International non-governmental organization, provides a platform to professionals from more than hundred countries engaged in irrigation, drianage and flood management, through their respective National Committees, which constitute the members of the Commission. In order to broaden the base of its membership, ICID has introduced and welcomes another category of members known as Direct Members. The terms of Direct Members are as follows.

  1. Direct Membership is open to any individual, institution and company engaged in irrigation, drainage and flood issues and through their appropriate management is interested in contributing to overall food security,thereby supporting the objectives of the Commission. The Direct Membership is open to individuals, companies and institutions from the countries which are not the Members of ICID or the countries whose National Committees‘ (NCs‘) constitution does not provide for their participation.

  2. The individual membership is open to Young Professional, practising individuals and retired professionals. A retired member is the one who has attained the age of 65 while the Young Professional Members are below the age of 40 years. Ordinary members are those not falling within these two categories.

  3. Direct membership is open to the following types of institutions and companies:
    • institutions or organisations involved in research, development and training in irrigation, drainage and flood management in all its aspects, including policy analysis, water resources management, agriculture and industrial applications and the environment;
    • educational institutions dealing with irrigation, drainage and flood management and allied subjects; and
    • companies which promote, design, execute or supervise irrigation, drainage and flood management related tasks; carry out surveys or industrial projects; and /or develop, supply or apply relevant equipment, instrumentation, hardware or software.
  4. Companies are divided into three categories depending on their annual turnover; while the institutions are categorized in two types based on the total number of employees engaged (refer Subscription Fee Structure Table). In order to encourage members from low income countries ICID also operates a High / Low Income Country Classification based on the UN classification. Members from Low Income Countries are eligible to pay discounted subscription for the membership.

  5. Each Company or Institutional Member can nominate a specified number of persons (refer Subscription Structure Table), fulfilling the requirements to be individual members, to participate in ICID technical bodies and benefit from receiving the ICID journal (Irrigation and Drainage) at the discounted rates.

  6. The application form for membership of the Commission is available on ICID website for download, which shall be submitted to the Central Office through e-mail <icid@icid.org>along with the details of payment. The application should be accompanied with the required supporting documents and admission fee as shown in ‘Subscription Structure’.An online submission form and payment will be activated very soon on ICID website.

  7. The Commission has set up a Direct Membership Administering Sub-Committee which will take the decision to provide Provisional Direct Membership, subject to ratification by the immediately following IEC at its annual meeting. The decision of the IEC shall be applicable with retrospective effect from the date of granting Provisional Direct Membership. The provisional membership will, for all practical purposes, enjoy the benefits available to regular members. Applicants will be notified, in writing, by the Secretary General to tha effect.

  8. In case a Direct Member acts in defiance of ICID constitution, the By-laws or the decisions of the Commission, or harms the interests of the Commission unreasonably, e.g. by non-payment of annual subscription. The member involved can appeal against deprivation to the IEC within a month after receipt of the written notice thereof. During the term of appeal and pending the issue he/she/it is suspended from membership.

  9. Direct Membership can be terminated:
    • As a result of the death of the member (being an individual) or by bankruptcy or liquidation of a member (being an institution or company);
    • By written notice of termination to the Council by the member; and
    • By written notice of termination to the individual or institution involved, with reasons given, by the Council.
  10. Unlike the membership of National Committees, the Direct Membership will stand terminated on non-payment of annual membership subscription, and the member will be informed accordingly. Non-payment occurs when the Direct Member involved has not paid his/her/it’s due within 3 months of its becoming due on the 1st of January of every calendar year without any notification from the ICID Central Office.The Direct Member may again apply for membership by paying a nominal admission fee.

  11. Like in the case of National Committees, for the Company and Organizational Direct Members, the registration fee for each Congress, regional conference, technical session, international workshop or such other international activity organized under the banner of ICID will be at the same level as any other member for the number of candidates sponsored by the institution to the extent as shown in the ‘Subscription Structure Table’.

  12. By Joining ICID, individuals, companies and institutions would
  • Be part of an international platform which offers opportunities to exchange knowledge and experience and to establish partnerships; 
  • Be able to make their voice heard: Contribute to improving understanding between stakeholders, while enabling new ideas on water policy to surface;
  • Benefit from worldwide exposure of their organization’s activities by using the Commission’s name, logo and communication tools and by participating in the Commission’s activities; 
  • Stay informed on recent irrigation, drainage and flood management news and events through Commission’s publications; 
  • Influence policy makers to develop sound irrigation-related policies and give it greater priority in the political agenda;
  • Receive the latest updates on upcoming water events, access to articles, posters and abstracts and papers from our series of ICID Congresses;
  • Avail the opportunity to engage in professional networking and information exchange activities through participation in National Committees and Regional Working Groups, and in international programmes and processes as representatives of ICID; and

  • Benefit from membership, such as:
    1. receive one online subscription of the ICID Journal on Irrigation and Drainage (for a single use), Annual Report and ICID News (electronic copy) free of cost*
    2. receive 2, 4 and 6 copies of the ICID Journal on Irrigation and Drainage at the concessional member price based on the category as a company or an institutional members.
    3. special discount on other ICID publications;
    4. special registration fees for ICID events;
    5. special exhibition rates during ICID events;
    6. special advertisement rates in ICID publications, website, etc.; and
    7. free announcements of activities through ICID Website, ICID News, and e-bulletin.

Except when hardcopies are requested, nominal charges plus postal charges will have to be paid.


Membership Subscription Structure





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