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ICID Constitution and ICID By-laws

Scoping Documents / Concept Note

WG-ENV > Scoping Document

WG-CLIMATE > Scoping Document

Handbook of Procedures for ICID Events

WG-Bio-Energy > Scoping Document

National Committee Subscription Calculation - Computation of Annual Subscription

WG-IDM > Scoping Document

International Research Program for Irrigation and Drainage (IRPID) Scheme

WG-WATS > Scoping Document 

WatSave — Scheme and Nomination Form

WG-ON-FARM > Scoping Document

World Irrigation and Drainage Prize — Procedure and Nomination Form

WG-CDTE > Scoping Document

Best Performing National Committee Award (BPNCA) - Scheme and Nomination Form

ICID-YPF > Concept Note

Best Performing Workbody Award (BPWA) - Scheme and Nomination Form

WG-M&R > Scoping Document

Scheme for Recognition of Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS) and Nomination Form WG-HIST > Scoping Document
  WG-SDTA > Scoping Document
  WG-NCWRI > Scoping Document



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