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3rd World Irrigation Forum and 70th International Executive Council Meeting

1-7 September 2019, Bali, Indonesia


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Newly Elected Vice Presidents (2019-2022)


Dr. Mochammad Amron


Dr. Hesham Mostafa Mohamed Ali (Egypt) Dr. Shavkat Khamraev


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Third World Irrigation and Drainage Prize, 2019


President Hon. Prof. Schultz

Prof. Dr. Chandra Madramootoo, receive the 3nd World Irrigation and Drainage Prize, at Bali, Indonesia


During the Opening Ceremony of WIF3, presentation of trophy by H.E. M. Basuki Hadimulyono, Minister for Public Works and Housing (PWH), Indonesia, prize money by H.E. Tian Xuebin, Vice Minister, Ministry of Water Resources of PR of China, and Er. Felix B. Reinders, President, ICID presented the World Irrigation and Drainage Prize, 2019 to Prof. Dr. Chandra Madramootoo for his sustained, long standing and highly committed work in irrigation and drainage sector worldwide through education, research, planning and international project implementation. The WID prize comprised of a cash award of US$ 10,000, citation and a trophy.


Winners of Best Paper Award 2019

The Wiley-Blackwell 2019 Best Paper Award was awarded to Fang Wan, Wenlin Yuan, Qingyun Li and Subing Lü for their paper titled "Research on Risk and Early Warning System of Inter-Basin Multi-Reservoir Water Transfer-Supply Operation with Consideration of Uncertain Factors" by Fang Wan, Wenlin Yuan, Qingyun Li, and Subing Lü . The paper published in Irrigation and Drainage in 2018 (Volume 67.3)


Winners of WatSave Awards 2019


1. Technology Award


Mr. TIAN Fuqiang (China)

For their work on "Water and Salt Regulation Scheme Under Mulched Drip Irrigation for Cotton in Arid Regions"



Mulched Drip Irrigation (MDI), a surface drip irrigation method combined with film of both saving water and labour and increasing crop yields


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2. Innovative Water Management Award

Mr. James Winter and Mr. Tony Quigley (Australia)

For his work on "Trangie-Nevertire Renewal : An Irrigation Infrastructure Modernisation Success Story"

Transfer/sale of water to the Australian Government in return for funding to totally modernize the irrigation infrastructure of the Trangie-Nevertire Co-operative Ltd both off and on farm.


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3. Young Professional

Mr. Ali Mahdavi Mazdeh; Mr. Mohammad Bijankhan; Mrs. Narges Mehri; Mr. Hadi Ramezani Etedali and Mrs. Fatemeh Tayebi (Iran)

For their work on "Applications of Constant Flow Rate Control Valve in Water Saving"

MCOP includes a float-spring blockage system inserted into an ordinary orifice that maintains a quasi-constant flow by being insensitive to both upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations.


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4. Farmer

Mr. Karan Jeet Singh Chatha (India)

For their work on "Water Conservation by use of Sprinkler & Drip Technologies in Paddy Crop"

Motivated the farmers towards Micro Irrigation Technology for Paddy crop and provided land for irrigation demonstration using solar panels. Practiced and promoted community-based water saving irrigation practices.


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ICID Register of World Heritage Irrigation Structures (WHIS)


ICID identifies, recognizes and maintains a record of World Heritage Irrigation Structures of archival value that are more than a century old and help understand the evolution of irrigation systems among civilizations across the world. This concept was mooted at the 63rd International Executive Council (IEC) Meeting held at Adelaide, Australia in 2012. The idea is to conserve these heritage structures for posterity on the lines of the world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Nineteen heritage structures have been recognized by ICID in the year 2019.


[Online Register ] [ Scheme & Nomination Form ] [ ONLINE NOMINATION FORM SUBMISSION ]


17 irrigation structures were included in the ICID Register of World Heritage Irrigation Structures (HIS) 2019.

  1. China
    1. Hetao Irrigation System
    2 Qianjinbei Irrigation System

  2. Iran
    1. Abbas Abad Complex
    2 Kurit Dam
    3 FazlAli Khan Qanat
    4 Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System

  3. Italy
    1 Berra Irrigation Plant
    2 Migliaro Water Diversion Gate
    3. Panperduto Dam

  4. Japan
    1 Jukkoku-bori Irrigation System
    2 Minuma-Dai Irrigation System
    3 Kurayasu and Hyakken Rivers Irrigation and Drainage System
    4 Kikuchi Irrigation Systems

  5. Malaysia
    1 Terusan Wan Mat Saman (Canal)

  6. Sri Lanka
    1 Minneriya Reservoir

  7. United States of America
    1 Alamo Irrigation System
    2 Theodore Roosevelt Dam

So far, over 90 such heritage structures have been recognized by ICID. For details, please visit https://www.icid.org/icid_his1.php




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