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ICID instituted the ‘WatSave Awards’ in 1997, presented each year, to recognize outstanding contributions to water conservation or water saving in agriculture across the world. The aim is to recognize the outstanding contribution to water conservation or water saving for the benefit of all water users. Accordingly, the awards given to individuals or a team of individuals are made in respect of actual realized savings and not for promising research results, plans and/or good ideas/intentions to save water.

The WatSave Awards are given in four categories: (i) Technology (ii) Innovative Water Management (iii) Young Professionals; and (iv) Farmer. The WatSave Awards are presented during the Annual ICID Executive Council Meeting (IEC) . An International Panel of Judges adjudged the winners.


Papers presented to WatSave Awards so far
Innovative Water Management Award Technology Award Young Professional's Award Farmer's Award

Sponsors of the WatSave Awards


Innovative Water Management Award

Title of the Winning Contribution Name of the Winner(s) Year

Trangie-Nevertire Renewal : An Irrigation Infrastructure Modernisation Success Story

Transfer/sale of water to the Australian Government in return for funding to totally modernize the irrigation infrastructure of the Trangie-Nevertire Co-operative Ltd both off and on farm.

Mr. James Winter and Mr. Tony Quigley (Australia) 2019
Alberta Irrigation Management Model (AIMM), a Decision Support System to assist irrigation producers better manage their irrigation water application efficiency and optimize crop production Mr. Richard Phillips (Canada) 2018
Promoting water saving interventions in large irrigation systems Prof. Wang Aiguo (China) 2017
Innovation, Implementation and Extension of the Water Saving Integrated Smart Farming – AWDI Technique in Thailand

Mr. Va-Son Boonkird and

Dr. Watchara Suiadee (Thailand)

Crop Rotation: An Approach to Save Irrigation Water under Water Scarcity in Egypt

Prof. Samiha Ouda and

Prof. Abd-El-Hafeez-Zohry (Egypt)

Improving growth, Yield and Water Productivity of some Maize Cultivars by new planting Method Dr.Yosri Ibrahim Mohamed Atta (Egypt) 2014
Jiamakou Irrigation Scheme (JIS), China Mr. Zhang Xuehui (China) 2013
Integrated water recovery provides regional growth for Northern Victoria, Australia Mr. Peter McCamish (Australia) 2012
Participatory Rainwater Conservation of Rainfed Agriculture of Vidarbha Region (Maharashtra), India Prof. Dr. Subhash Madhawrao Taley (India) 2011
Water distribution management at the Vaalharts irrigation scheme Mr. Kobus Harbron (South Africa) 2010
Transformation of irrigation through management transfer Messrs Shahaji Manikrao Somawanshi, Bharat Kawale and Sanjay Madhukar Belsare (India) 2009
Innovative Method for Rice Irrigation with High Potential of Water Saving Dr. Yousri Ibrahim Atta (Egypt) 2008
Provision of Irrigation Scheduling Advice to Small Scale Sugarcane Farmers Using a Web Based Crop Model and Cellular Technology: A South African Case Study Dr. Abraham Singels (South Africa) 2007
Water Administration System (WAS) Dr. Nico Benadé (South Africa) 2006
Innovative Water Saving Technologies in China Prof. Li Daixin (China) 2005
An initiative towards saving of water and sustainable Irrigation Management in Maharashtra State, India Er. Suresh. V. Sodal (India) 2004
Comprehensive approach in water resources management such as Irrigation, Drainage, On-Farm Water Management, Water Quality, Groundwater Modeling, Contaminant Transport Dr. Muhammad Akram Kahlown (Pakistan) 2003
Spatio-Drainage Approach: A Tool for Proper Management, Accurate Design and Cost Effective Subsurface Drainage Projects and Water Saving Dr. Mahmoud Moustafa (Egypt) 2002
Water-Saving Irrigation Practice in China - Demands, Technical System, Current Situation, Development Objective, And Countermeasures Prof. Gu Yuping (China) 2001
Modernization Plan of Mula Traditional Irrigations Dr. Francisco del Amor Garcia (Spain) 2000
Modified Drainage System for Rice Growing Areas : A Tool for Water Saving Eng. Hussein El-Atfy (Egypt) 1999
Development of Water Saving Irrigation Technique On Large Paddy Rice Area in Guangxi Region of China Prof. Wu Xijin (China) 1998


Technology Award

Title of the Winning Contribution Name of the Winner(s) Year

Water and Salt Regulation Scheme Under Mulched Drip Irrigation for Cotton in Arid Regions


Mulched Drip Irrigation (MDI), a surface drip irrigation method combined with film of both saving water and labour and increasing crop yields

Mr. TIAN Fuqiang (China) 2019
IrriSAT, a weather-based irrigation management and benchmarking technology app providing site-specific crop water management information across large spatial scales at fine resolution using remote sensing Mr. John Hornbuckle, Mr. Jamie Vleeshouwer and Ms. Janelle Montgomery (Australia) 2018
Developing ‘Water Savings Calculator’ for estimating water savings

Mr. Chris Norman and

Mr. Carl Walters (Australia)

Innovation and Extension of Sprinkler and Micro Irrigation Technologies in China Prof. Li Jiusheng (China) 2016
Water Saving, Pollution Prevention and Emission Reduction of Paddy Rice Mr. Li Xinjian (China) 2015
Benefits of the South San Joaquin Irrigation District’s Pilot Pressure Irrigation Project Er. Jeff Shaw and Todd Kotey (USA) 2014
Thin and exposed irrigation Prof. Yi Yongqing (China) 2013
Theory and technology of controlled irrigation of rice in China Prof. Peng Shizhang (China) 2012
SAPWAT 3: Irrigation Water Planning Tool Messrs Pieter S van Heerden and Charles T Crosby (South Africa) 2011
Irrigation water security: promoting on-farm reservoirs in the UK Dr. Keith Weatherhead, Mr. Melvyn Kay and Dr. Jerry Knox, UK (2010) 2010
Wheat Bed Planter Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad (Pakistan) 2009
 Micro Irrigation – A Technology for Prosperity Dr. Yella Reddy, Mr. Satyanarayana and Mrs.G Andal (India) 2008
Growing Rice with Pivots – A Step Towards Water Conservation Messrs Werner and Herbert Arns (Brazil) 2007
Contributions and Achievements to Water-savings in Agriculture Prof. Kang Shaozhong (China) 2006
Efficient Water and Resource-saving Technique of Soils Pre-sowing Treatment Under Winter Wheat Cultivation Conditions Mr. Omar Redjepow (Turkmenistan) 2004

Wetting Front Detector: A New Tool to Help Farmers Save Water

[ Winner of the People's Choice Award for the best presentation at Irrigation Australia Conference ]

Dr. Richard John Stirzaker 2003
Dripping with success- The Challenges of an Irrigation Redevelopment Project Mr. Robert E. Merry, UK (2002) 2002
Rotational irrigation scheduling in rice paddy with the operation rule curve of irrigation reservoir Prof. Tai Cheol Kim (Korea) 2001
Water Efficient Irrigation and Environmentally Sustainable Irrigated Rice Production in China Prof. Mao Zhi (China) 2000


Young Professional's Award

Title of the Winning Contribution Name of the Winner(s) Year
Applications of Constant Flow Rate Control Valve in Water Saving

MCOP includes a float-spring blockage system inserted into an ordinary orifice that maintains a quasi-constant flow by being insensitive to both upstream and downstream pressure fluctuations.
Mr. Ali Mahdavi Mazdeh; Mr. Mohammad Bijankhan; Mrs. Narges Mehri; Mr. Hadi Ramezani Etedali and Mrs. Fatemeh Tayebi (Iran) 2019
Generated Significant Savings in Irrigation Water by Adding Fuel from Livestock Wastes to Agricultural Land Mr. Amirali Fatahi and Ms. Fatemeh Sadat Mortazavizadeh (Iran) 2018
Designing Micro-Lysimeter for accurate measurement of crop water requirements Mr. Mahdi Sarai Tabrizi (Iran) 2017
Save Irrigation Water Using the Innovative Machine of Soil and Water Management for Rice Crop Cultivation (SWMR) Dr. Mohamed El-Hagarey (Egypt) 2016

Development and application of innovative and advanced simulation tools for the evaluation and optimization of surface irrigation systems

Dr. Malcolm Gillies (Australia)


Water Banking – Conjunctive Water Use Management Approach for Water Saving and Improve Productivity and Environmental Performance

Dr. Amgad Elmahdi (Australia)


Micro Irrigation – A technology to save water

Ms. Neelam Patel (India)


Computer-Aided Mapping Irrigation Scheduling for Arab Republic of Egypt

Dr. Mohamed Maher Mohamed Ibrahim (Egypt)


IGRA: An Approach for the Application of the Benchmarking Initiative to Irrigation Areas

Dr. Juan Antonio Rodriguez Diaz, (Spain)


Contribution in the field of flow measurement, canal system modernization and operations improvements, debris and fish screening at irrigation diversions, hydrology, and improved hydraulic laboratory techniques

Mr. Tony L. Wahl (USA)


A Scientific Approach for Water Management in Rice Fields

Dr. Ashutosh Upadhyaya (India)


Participatory Irrigation Management in Katepurna Irrigation Project : A Success Story

Er. Sanjay M. Belsare (India)


Decision-Making Support System for Irrigation Water management of Jingtai Chuan Pumping Irrigation Scheme at the Upper Reaches of Yellow River

Dr. Gao Zhanyi (China)



Farmer's Award

Title of the Winning Contribution Name of the Winner(s) Year
Water Conservation by use of Sprinkler & Drip Technologies in Paddy Crop

Mr. Karan Jeet Singh Chatha (India)

No Candidature No Candidature 2018
Effective Water Management through Farmer’s Cooperative Interventions Dr. Vijay Sharad Deshmukh (India) 2017
Sanguna Rice Technique – Zero Till, Conservation Agriculture Mr. Chandra Shekhar H. Bhadsavle, Mr. Changdev K. Nirguda and Mr. Anil D. Nivalkar (India) 2016

Group Farming and Micro Irrigation a Way to Prosperity

Bhagwan M. Kapse (India) 2015

The Willow Creek Piping Project

Mr. Jerry Erstrom (USA)


Rainwater conservation through natural cracks in deep black soils

Mr. Arvind Narayanrao Nalkande (India)



Year Sponsoring National Committee (NC)
2018 Canadian National Committee, ICID (CANCID)
2017 Mexican National Committee of International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (MXCID)
2016 Thai National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (THAICID)
2015 Association Française pour l'Etude des Irrigations et du Drainage (AFEID)
2014 Korean National Committee on Irrigationand Drainage (KCID)
2013 Turkish National Committee, ICID (TUCID)
2012 Irrigation Australia's Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IACID)
2011 Iranian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (IRNCID)

Indonesian National Committee of ICID (INACID) & Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CNCID)

2009 Indian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (INCID)
2008 Pakistan National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (PANCID)
2007 U.S. National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (USCID)

Malaysian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (MANCID), andSpanish National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CERYD)

2005 Spanish National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CERYD)
2004 French National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (AFEID)

Japanese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (JNC-ICID)

2002 Canadian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CANCID)
2001 Korean National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (KCID)
2000 Indian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (INCID)
1999 Chinese National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (CNCID)
1998 Netherlands National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage (NETHCID), Directorate General of Public Works & Water Management, and IHE Delft



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